Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Missing Tawau

Normie and Lilian were in town yesterday so we decided to meet up for supper. They lived pretty nearby so they offered to fetch me from my home. Now back in my small hometown, 'nearby' meant less than a kilometer:


In my new hometown however (a city), 'nearby' would still have meant less than a kilometer.. if it weren't for the damn roads.


They made it though, an hour later.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Genting Trip Necessity

Stubborn Jacket

Saturday, November 24, 2007

One Month Break

And so it begins. Exams are all finally over and it is time for me to enjoy my (not very) well deserved one month break back at home. This of course, is good news mentally but very bad news physically:



Oh well, home sweet home.

I'm heading up to a higher land tomorrow!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


A month ago, I stumbled upon an article that explained the negative effects of carbonated drinks. I have read several articles before regarding a similar topic but I thought it was all nonsense, plus I REALLY loved Coke & Pepsi. This particular article was a lot more detailed than anything I've ever read before, it was actually an eye-opener. From that day on, I actually quitted soft drinks.

The first week was hell. I mean, I had no problems refraining from a can of coke at kopitiams and mamak stalls but imagine not having soft drinks, at fast food restaurants.

But I persevered and 30 days later, I am proud to say that I have not sipped a single drop of any carbonated drink, and I never will. -the end-


WHAT?! YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME?! ... me neither:

(At Burger King, today)

Cashier: Good afternoon. Having here?

Ben: Yep, having here. I'll take set number 5.

Cashier: Anything else?

Ben: Oh yeah, could I have a bottle of mineral water instead of the coke?

Cashier: That's an extra RM1, sir.

Ben: [FUCK NO!] Give me the coke.

Yep. 29 days I've been religiously changing my order of coke/pepsi to a bottle of mineral water at fast food outlets, and it only took just that one hint of chinese blood in me to reconvert. At least now I have an answer to that famous rhetorical question, "How much is your health worth to you?".

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sad KFC Experience

It is no secret that I love to dine at fast food chains. KFC, McD, A&W, bring em' all on! I just like it how all the waiters/waitresses seem to have gone through SMILE 101 classes. Plus, they take your order in English and they have your food prepared fairly quickly. Suffice to say that I like fast food franchises because it feels like being in a western country.

Of course, not all waiter/waitresses there are smiley and quick. I'm talking about the ones who just started, the in-trainings. Yes, I do understand that everyone has to start from somewhere but these newbies just ruin it for me. Wrong orders, forgotten orders, slow as hell service, overcharged receipt and worst of all, no English. It makes me feel like I'm back in my own country.. if that makes any sense.

Now this conversation here is a combination of my intense prejudice against newbie fast food waiters and er... my deteriorating Malay:

(At the KFC counter)

Ben: [I'll have the dinner plate today. No wings and no drumstick.]

Waitress: Selamat petang. Makan sini atau take-away?

Ben: [Stunned, was expecting English.] Oh er.. makan sini. Dinner plate satu.

Waitress: Apa?

Ben: Dinner plate!

Waitress: Oh, berapa?

Ben: SATU!

Waitress: Oh.. [asks the supervisor] Eh cam mana key-in dinner plate?


Waitress: Ada lagi?

Ben: [Crap, how do I say wings and drumstick in Malay?]

Waitress: Itu saja?

Ben: Ada lagi, saya tak mau kepak dan.. tak mau ayam.

Waitress: Apa?

Ben: Tak mau kepak dan tak mau ayam!

Waitress: Apa?!

Ben: [Stupid newbie damn blur!]

Waitress: Tak faham la.

Ben: Ok dengar baik baik. DINNER. PLATE. SAYA. TAK. MAU. KEPAK. DAN. TAK. MAU. AYA-

I have had my fair share of embarrassing episodes. The latest one being, "The one where Ben announced to the waitress in front and 4 other people back in line that he didn't want chicken in his KFC chicken plate".

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Memorise This


Boy do I hate myself. 3 down and 1 more to go.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My New Addiction

I've been playing it for almost a week and I'm proud to say,

that I have a level 10 Jubjub with "GREAT" strength, "beyond godly" defence and "bright" intelligence! AND, it has a level 2 Mallard petpet (I got lucky with Turmaculus)! It's also really happy now , no it's "delighted!" after I groomed it with a rare Golden Moon Comb and fed it an entire bowl of Gadgads!

Yes, I know, I know,

but the whole idea of a virtual online pet is just so cool!

Edit Nov 15th: It's a double birthday bash! Hop on over to Wanster's and Eve's to wish them a happy birthday.

Monday, November 12, 2007


I was always under the impression that matchmaking was only meant for people in their early 30s who have a less than successful love life:

(At Jusco)

Ling: I want you to meet a friend of mine. She's around here somewhere.

Ben: Why would I want-

Ling: Oh here she comes. Hey Karen!

Karen: Hey Ling!

Ling: This is Ben.

Karen: Hello Ben!

Ben: Er.. hi.

(After a minute of chatting, she had to go)

Karen: See you later, ok?

Ling: Sure, see ya! (Turns to Ben) I have her friendster account, her e-mail and her phone number. How do you want to attack?

Ben: ...

That happened last week. This one happened yesterday:

(While having supper)

Lilian: Ben, I have a friend.

Ben: Yeah?

Lilian: She's studying in KL and she's kinda like you. I think you two would really hit it off.

Ben: But-

Lilian: I'll contact her. You both can meet during the holidays, ok?

Ben: I.. think so.

Lilian: Perfect!

Apparently, 22 is the new 30.

Kudos to the 45,000 people who took part in the BERSIH event. You all have my sincerest respect.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Superstitions Suck

I was never a superstitious lad but last week during my English exam, I was seated in the most ominous of tables:

While taking my exam, I can't help but feel like the floors under me are gonna crack open revealing a sea of scorching hot molten lava and.. more:


No, I do not have hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. I just tend to think a lot during exams (well, so do all of us).

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Study DVD

I thought of turning studying into a movie DVD. First, like any good movie, I would need to have a strong plot structure:

Study DVD

And like any good DVD, I would need to include the extra features:

Study DVD

Study week is almost over. Time to face the finals.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


There's this stereotype going on around that gamers don't care too much for girls. Just like all generalisations though, it's total bullshit:

(In a cybercafe, through in-game chat)

Wanyean: Ben, there's a hot girl sitting right beside you!

Ben: I know!

Wanyean: I can't concentrate.

Ben: YOU can't concentrate?! You're sitting opposite her but she's sitting right BESIDE me!

Wanyean: Dear hot chick. I wish you'd look at me that way~ Your beautiful eyes lookin' deep into mine~

Ben: Oh dear god.

Wanyean: Baby to you all I am~ is the invisible man~

Ben: Your character just died.

Wanyean: Damn it!

And just when we thought that was the end of it:

Ben: Wanyean.

Wanyean: What?

Ben: Her hand grazed mine.


Ben: Heheh.

Wanyean: I can't take~ seeing you with him~ coz I know exactly what you'll be~ in his gallery~

Ben: Your character died again.

Wanyean: Damn it!

Well, not all stereotypes are false. It's still very true that guys can't multitask.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Government Servants Are Nice


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Let Me Out

Yesterday night, Kim and I planned to go out for a movie. The others initially did not want to follow:

(Getting ready to leave the house)

Ben: Ok let's go.

Kim: Now?

Ben: Yeah.


Ben: ... why are you shouting?

Kim: Nothing.

Normie: (opens door) What? You're going out now?

Ben: Yep.

CK: (opens door) Hah? Now?! I'M FOLLOWING YOU DOWNSTAIRS!!

Ben: Sigh, you are all always like that. So do you guys want to go watch the movie with us or not?!

CK & Normie: Er.. yes.. no..

Ben: ...

We were going to watch the thriller "30 Days of Nights" and time wasn't on our side. The other guys in their usual fickled minded self were not helping at all.

(Everyone follows Ben downstairs)

Ben: So do you guys want to go or not?

Others: We don't know.

Ben: Fine, I'll take that as a NO. Hold on Kim, I'm gonna go wash my hands in the kitchen first.

Others: CANNOT!

Ben: Er, okay. I'll just go use my own bathroom upstairs.

Others: NO!

Ben: Fine, I'll use the pipes outside.

Others: NO!

Normie: Just.. you know, stand there.


Normie: Ok, kill the lights.

It was then that Adrian came out from the kitchen with a cake:

Adrian: Happy..~

Others: birthday to you~

Crap, I did not see that coming at all :D

Saturday, November 03, 2007

I Am 22

It's the weekend and it's my birthday. I should be ecstatic. Unfortunately, today will be forever known as the birthday I spent doing my last minute 20-page assignment. Serves me right for putting it all off till today, of all days:

A year older but none the wiser.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lesson In Facial Hygiene

I was shopping with June at Jusco yesterday night when:

(At the hygiene department.)

Ben: Hmm, maybe I should restock on my body soap.

June: Oh? What do you use?

Ben: Shokubutsu.

June: I need to restock on my facial cleanser too. Hey, what do you use for your face?

Ben: Shokubutsu.

(Storm clouds gather)


Ben: Well urm, yeah.


Ben: I..


Ben: It really isn't that bad.

June: Come with me. We're getting you a proper facial cleanser!

I didn't know that telling a girl that I was using body soap on my face was equivalent to stabbing a steel cross into a vampire. June became all hysterical and started yelling gibberish at me while we spent an hour looking around Jusco, Guardian and Watsons for my facial cleanser. Actually, June was the one who did all the searching. I just followed her around like a lap dog while obediently nodding to every single statement she makes about the importance of proper facial skin care.

Apparently unlike body soaps, there isn't a one-for-all type of facial wash product e.g. oily skin, sensitive skin, thick skin and etc. I have always stuck to the idea that skin is just what it is, one layer of organ where only one type of soap is needed to clean it. I was wrong again, as usual. When June finally found the right facial cleanser for me, I was relieved that it was finally all over:

(At Watsons)

June: Ah, finally we found it. Now promise me that you're not going to use your body soap for any other parts of your body!

Ben: Well, sometimes when I run out of shampoo...

June: ...

And so began round 2. I have got to learn to keep my mouth shut.

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