Monday, November 12, 2007


I was always under the impression that matchmaking was only meant for people in their early 30s who have a less than successful love life:

(At Jusco)

Ling: I want you to meet a friend of mine. She's around here somewhere.

Ben: Why would I want-

Ling: Oh here she comes. Hey Karen!

Karen: Hey Ling!

Ling: This is Ben.

Karen: Hello Ben!

Ben: Er.. hi.

(After a minute of chatting, she had to go)

Karen: See you later, ok?

Ling: Sure, see ya! (Turns to Ben) I have her friendster account, her e-mail and her phone number. How do you want to attack?

Ben: ...

That happened last week. This one happened yesterday:

(While having supper)

Lilian: Ben, I have a friend.

Ben: Yeah?

Lilian: She's studying in KL and she's kinda like you. I think you two would really hit it off.

Ben: But-

Lilian: I'll contact her. You both can meet during the holidays, ok?

Ben: I.. think so.

Lilian: Perfect!

Apparently, 22 is the new 30.

Kudos to the 45,000 people who took part in the BERSIH event. You all have my sincerest respect.


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