Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Hate Studying

Hi, I am Sewjin, and I am a v-log addict :(

On a happier note, I am done with my final paper! Finally. Though I can't help but feel like this semester passed by especially fast. Damn assignments.

Industrial training, here I come!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Declining Sense of Humour

Inspired by AgentXPQ:

I know, my laugh at the end was a bit.. weird.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

College Prostitution

It actually started when our university began enrolling students from China last semester. Most lecturers thought the idea was rather absurd because the mainland Chinese students couldn't communicate in both Malay AND English. Even the local Chinese find their Mandarin difficult to understand.

Suffice to say that the teaching-learning process in class can get very frustrating. Everyone started joking around that the Chinese students are either here for a holiday or they are looking around for permanent citizenship (a.k.a. find Malaysian spouses).

Apparently we were right. Last week, it was reported that a mainland Chinese female student was caught fooling around in the male's college block. The story went that she was screaming her lungs out in one of her 'performances'. Naturally, it got the neighbours pretty jealous annoyed and they immediately reported the matter.

When the story went campus-wide, the same thought went surging through every (male) student's mind, "THERE'S GOTTA BE MORE OF THEM!" I decided to ask some friends who lived in the same reported block. Too bad the one person I know who lives there happens to be the most innocent guy in the world:

(On MSN)

Sewjin: I got urgent matter want to discuss with you.

YC: About exam right? Our lecturer also narrowed down the scope for us. I'll send them to you thru e-mail.

Sewjin: Thanks but that isn't the important matter I wanted to discuss.

YC: It's more important than exam tips?

Sewjin: YES. I heard that some China girls are sneaking into your college to get laid.

YC: Yeah, but it's only one girl.

Sewjin: There has to be more! So when you see a China girl hanging around your college, I need you to get me their phone numbers.

YC: Iso strain, force parallel to fibers.

Sewjin: Just ask only la! No harm one.

YC: Iso strain; Fc = Fm = Ff.

Sewjin: If can, ask also what services do they provide.

YC: Services?

Sewjin: Ya, like blow jobs,

Sewjin: doggy style,

Sewjin: with/without condoms,

YC: -goes offline-

I need to find me another source.

Monday, April 21, 2008

What Blogging Has Done To Me

In my course, you could write crap like these in exam halls:

"So after the acuan dry already, you take the whole thing and terbalik it to drain out the white white thing inside."
and still get pretty decent marks for the paper. I shit you not, I wrote it. Engineering courses do not care much for proper use of spellings and grammars. So much so that it could very well downgrade one's grasp of the language in the long run. That is one of the reasons why I started this blog.

Though it has achieved its purpose of maintaining my passable standard of English, at the same time, blogging has created another problem for me.

(On MSN)

Sewjin: You read my report already?

Vince: Haish.

Sewjin: Why oh?

Vince: Your report la, so damn long! You writing personal diary is it?!

Sewjin: It's not that bad.

Vince: Are you kidding?! I'm surprised you didn't have the words "Dear Diary," written at the beginning of every sentence!

To give a clearer picture of what I'm saying, here is an example of a typical engineering report complete with diagrams, equations and a tad bit of explanation:

Absolute professionalism

And then there's mine:

Absolute... words

Two years of making sure that each of my blog entries are properly elaborated, it has, in the process turned me a teensy bit long-winded.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Kota Tinggi Waterfall Trip

Yesterday, the guys and I went to the famous Kota Tinggi Waterfalls for some much needed rest and relaxation. It just occurred to me that I have never done a picture post before. So here it is, my cherry popping photo crammed entry on our trip to the falls:

The 'group picture at entrance' picture.

The' scenic view' picture.

The 'more scenic view' picture.

The 'tried to take picture with scenic view but kena kacau' picture.

The 'break the rule' picture.

The 'screw the rule, I'm catching me a big one today' picture.

The 'look what I caught!' picture.

The 'some are not aware that a group picture is being taken' picture.

The 'guess which one is peeing' picture.

The 'pretend to be intrigued by something' picture.

And my personal favourite..

The 'if I was a singer, this is gonna be my album cover' picture.

Well that's about it. That has got to be the worst photo post ever. Anyway, despite the lack of pictures we actually had loads of fun at the falls. Though a lot ALL of us got injured while fooling around the rocky terrains and strong currents. One even had his shoulder dislocated. Boys will be boys.

Oh yeah, funny story. When we entered the resort, the gate to the top of the falls was actually closed. We were pissed because we drove 2 hours all the way from Skudai and even paid RM9 entrance fee (each) only to be made to play at the bottom of the falls.

York and I then approached a nearby lifeguard to ask if we could be let up to the top of the falls:

Ben: Hey, is that gate gonna be closed all day?

Lifeguard: Ropen rat ereven.

Ben: What?

Lifeguard: Ropen rat ereven.

Ben: (Looks at York) Dude, did he just say "rope and rat irrelevant"?

York: Well, he is right. They are irrelevant.

(Ben starts getting frustrated)

Ben: We can't understand you. Could you speak louder?

Lifeguard: You talk English?

Ben: Yeah, we do.

Lifeguard: Ropen rat ereven!


York: That's why he is saying it's irrelevant.

Ben: (directed at York) SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Lifeguard: Ereven! Ereven! (Holds up one finger with each hands).

Ben: Oooh, you mean 'Eleven'. It 'opens at eleven'.

Lifeguard: Yes. Correct.

Damn, foreign workers.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Engineering Drawing

Another MSN conversation. They just keep on coming:

(On MSN, discussing about a particular subject)

Sewjin: You're taking that subject this semester?

Apple: Yep.

Sewjin: Lots of people got B or C for that subject when we took it.

Apple: Wa so scary. Who was your lecturer?

Sewjin: I forgot her name already.

Apple: Explain her facial features.

Sewjin: Very hard la. Nothing special about her face.

Apple: Just try.


Apple: ...

Sewjin: Not clear enough?


Apple: Ooh, I know who you're talking about! Ya lo, she's not a very good lecturer.

Sewjin: ... you serious ah?

I guess my drawing must have been that good.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Ass Bandit Slash Angel

One boring Sunday afternoon:

(On MSN)

Sewjin: die la, Islam still not yet start study.

yc: Islam no need study wan la.

Sewjin: I still got english exam ah.

yc: hahaha!



yc: hahahahahahaha!!









yc: I got gf la.

Sewjin: Where picture?

yc: no picture..



yc: Heroes can fly.



Gotta love the camaraderie.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Women & Mind Games

Boy do I miss it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mang Guo

"Man guo" or mango, is the ONE fruit I am able to announciate in Mandarin (for obvious reasons). Of course, buying any other fruits would mean that I have to point at the merchandise and stare at the fruit seller like an idiot:

(At a fruit market)

Seller: Ni yao mai shen me?

Ben: (Points at apple)

Seller: Huh?

Ben: (Still pointing at the apple)

Seller: Oh, ping guo?

Ben: *Nods profusely with mouth wide open*

Mandarin speaking people turns me into a retard.

Anyway, back to the mango story. After dinner I bought a pack of mangoes, you know, those that they sell for RM1 each. The guys then wanted to have a look at a nearby sports shop, so in we went. I was happily munching on my dessert while looking around the wristband section when the shopkeeper approached me:

Shopkeeper: Ni zai na li mai? (points at the mango pack)

Ben: Zai qian mian.

Shopkeeper: Ooh. Zhe bian hen nan cao di fang mai shui guo.

Now "shui guo" was a foreign word for me and so as usual, I would try to decipher it word by word. "Shui" means water. "Guo" has the same ending as "mang guo" so it must mean fruit. The lady is telling me that it is hard to find a place that sells 'water fruit'. What a water fruit is, I have no idea BUT it ain't no mango. So I corrected her:

Ben: Oh, bu se! Qi ge se mang guo, bu se shui guo!

It was later I found out that 'shui guo' meant fruit, hence the mean stare from the shopkeeper :( Sigh, the perils of being an OCBC (Orang Cina Bukan Cina).

Monday, April 07, 2008

Snoring Hurts

Yes yes I know, another 'sleeping in class' comic strip. It is after all, the final week of the semester and my brain usually goes on autopilot mode in the few remaining classes :D

Saturday, April 05, 2008


One wonders how Ashton Kutcher gets away with what he's doing.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Eggman's Epiphany

It was about time.

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