Monday, April 21, 2008

What Blogging Has Done To Me

In my course, you could write crap like these in exam halls:

"So after the acuan dry already, you take the whole thing and terbalik it to drain out the white white thing inside."
and still get pretty decent marks for the paper. I shit you not, I wrote it. Engineering courses do not care much for proper use of spellings and grammars. So much so that it could very well downgrade one's grasp of the language in the long run. That is one of the reasons why I started this blog.

Though it has achieved its purpose of maintaining my passable standard of English, at the same time, blogging has created another problem for me.

(On MSN)

Sewjin: You read my report already?

Vince: Haish.

Sewjin: Why oh?

Vince: Your report la, so damn long! You writing personal diary is it?!

Sewjin: It's not that bad.

Vince: Are you kidding?! I'm surprised you didn't have the words "Dear Diary," written at the beginning of every sentence!

To give a clearer picture of what I'm saying, here is an example of a typical engineering report complete with diagrams, equations and a tad bit of explanation:

Absolute professionalism

And then there's mine:

Absolute... words

Two years of making sure that each of my blog entries are properly elaborated, it has, in the process turned me a teensy bit long-winded.


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