Friday, April 18, 2008

Kota Tinggi Waterfall Trip

Yesterday, the guys and I went to the famous Kota Tinggi Waterfalls for some much needed rest and relaxation. It just occurred to me that I have never done a picture post before. So here it is, my cherry popping photo crammed entry on our trip to the falls:

The 'group picture at entrance' picture.

The' scenic view' picture.

The 'more scenic view' picture.

The 'tried to take picture with scenic view but kena kacau' picture.

The 'break the rule' picture.

The 'screw the rule, I'm catching me a big one today' picture.

The 'look what I caught!' picture.

The 'some are not aware that a group picture is being taken' picture.

The 'guess which one is peeing' picture.

The 'pretend to be intrigued by something' picture.

And my personal favourite..

The 'if I was a singer, this is gonna be my album cover' picture.

Well that's about it. That has got to be the worst photo post ever. Anyway, despite the lack of pictures we actually had loads of fun at the falls. Though a lot ALL of us got injured while fooling around the rocky terrains and strong currents. One even had his shoulder dislocated. Boys will be boys.

Oh yeah, funny story. When we entered the resort, the gate to the top of the falls was actually closed. We were pissed because we drove 2 hours all the way from Skudai and even paid RM9 entrance fee (each) only to be made to play at the bottom of the falls.

York and I then approached a nearby lifeguard to ask if we could be let up to the top of the falls:

Ben: Hey, is that gate gonna be closed all day?

Lifeguard: Ropen rat ereven.

Ben: What?

Lifeguard: Ropen rat ereven.

Ben: (Looks at York) Dude, did he just say "rope and rat irrelevant"?

York: Well, he is right. They are irrelevant.

(Ben starts getting frustrated)

Ben: We can't understand you. Could you speak louder?

Lifeguard: You talk English?

Ben: Yeah, we do.

Lifeguard: Ropen rat ereven!


York: That's why he is saying it's irrelevant.

Ben: (directed at York) SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Lifeguard: Ereven! Ereven! (Holds up one finger with each hands).

Ben: Oooh, you mean 'Eleven'. It 'opens at eleven'.

Lifeguard: Yes. Correct.

Damn, foreign workers.


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