Wednesday, April 23, 2008

College Prostitution

It actually started when our university began enrolling students from China last semester. Most lecturers thought the idea was rather absurd because the mainland Chinese students couldn't communicate in both Malay AND English. Even the local Chinese find their Mandarin difficult to understand.

Suffice to say that the teaching-learning process in class can get very frustrating. Everyone started joking around that the Chinese students are either here for a holiday or they are looking around for permanent citizenship (a.k.a. find Malaysian spouses).

Apparently we were right. Last week, it was reported that a mainland Chinese female student was caught fooling around in the male's college block. The story went that she was screaming her lungs out in one of her 'performances'. Naturally, it got the neighbours pretty jealous annoyed and they immediately reported the matter.

When the story went campus-wide, the same thought went surging through every (male) student's mind, "THERE'S GOTTA BE MORE OF THEM!" I decided to ask some friends who lived in the same reported block. Too bad the one person I know who lives there happens to be the most innocent guy in the world:

(On MSN)

Sewjin: I got urgent matter want to discuss with you.

YC: About exam right? Our lecturer also narrowed down the scope for us. I'll send them to you thru e-mail.

Sewjin: Thanks but that isn't the important matter I wanted to discuss.

YC: It's more important than exam tips?

Sewjin: YES. I heard that some China girls are sneaking into your college to get laid.

YC: Yeah, but it's only one girl.

Sewjin: There has to be more! So when you see a China girl hanging around your college, I need you to get me their phone numbers.

YC: Iso strain, force parallel to fibers.

Sewjin: Just ask only la! No harm one.

YC: Iso strain; Fc = Fm = Ff.

Sewjin: If can, ask also what services do they provide.

YC: Services?

Sewjin: Ya, like blow jobs,

Sewjin: doggy style,

Sewjin: with/without condoms,

YC: -goes offline-

I need to find me another source.


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