Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sad KFC Experience

It is no secret that I love to dine at fast food chains. KFC, McD, A&W, bring em' all on! I just like it how all the waiters/waitresses seem to have gone through SMILE 101 classes. Plus, they take your order in English and they have your food prepared fairly quickly. Suffice to say that I like fast food franchises because it feels like being in a western country.

Of course, not all waiter/waitresses there are smiley and quick. I'm talking about the ones who just started, the in-trainings. Yes, I do understand that everyone has to start from somewhere but these newbies just ruin it for me. Wrong orders, forgotten orders, slow as hell service, overcharged receipt and worst of all, no English. It makes me feel like I'm back in my own country.. if that makes any sense.

Now this conversation here is a combination of my intense prejudice against newbie fast food waiters and er... my deteriorating Malay:

(At the KFC counter)

Ben: [I'll have the dinner plate today. No wings and no drumstick.]

Waitress: Selamat petang. Makan sini atau take-away?

Ben: [Stunned, was expecting English.] Oh er.. makan sini. Dinner plate satu.

Waitress: Apa?

Ben: Dinner plate!

Waitress: Oh, berapa?

Ben: SATU!

Waitress: Oh.. [asks the supervisor] Eh cam mana key-in dinner plate?


Waitress: Ada lagi?

Ben: [Crap, how do I say wings and drumstick in Malay?]

Waitress: Itu saja?

Ben: Ada lagi, saya tak mau kepak dan.. tak mau ayam.

Waitress: Apa?

Ben: Tak mau kepak dan tak mau ayam!

Waitress: Apa?!

Ben: [Stupid newbie damn blur!]

Waitress: Tak faham la.

Ben: Ok dengar baik baik. DINNER. PLATE. SAYA. TAK. MAU. KEPAK. DAN. TAK. MAU. AYA-

I have had my fair share of embarrassing episodes. The latest one being, "The one where Ben announced to the waitress in front and 4 other people back in line that he didn't want chicken in his KFC chicken plate".


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