Wednesday, November 07, 2007


There's this stereotype going on around that gamers don't care too much for girls. Just like all generalisations though, it's total bullshit:

(In a cybercafe, through in-game chat)

Wanyean: Ben, there's a hot girl sitting right beside you!

Ben: I know!

Wanyean: I can't concentrate.

Ben: YOU can't concentrate?! You're sitting opposite her but she's sitting right BESIDE me!

Wanyean: Dear hot chick. I wish you'd look at me that way~ Your beautiful eyes lookin' deep into mine~

Ben: Oh dear god.

Wanyean: Baby to you all I am~ is the invisible man~

Ben: Your character just died.

Wanyean: Damn it!

And just when we thought that was the end of it:

Ben: Wanyean.

Wanyean: What?

Ben: Her hand grazed mine.


Ben: Heheh.

Wanyean: I can't take~ seeing you with him~ coz I know exactly what you'll be~ in his gallery~

Ben: Your character died again.

Wanyean: Damn it!

Well, not all stereotypes are false. It's still very true that guys can't multitask.


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