Wednesday, January 31, 2007

That Water Bottle Argument

Since we were having problems with our electricity bill, we have decided to stop using electric kettles for an entire month to see if our house's electrical wiring was indeed leaking. Problem is, we use electric kettles to boil our drinking water everyday. So now we have no choice but to get our daily supply of H2O from a nearby water dispensing machine. 10 sen per liter. It's considerably cheap.

So every morning before class, we would drive over to the dispenser with our empty bottles to refill. One day, Adrian uttered one of the most thought provoking phrases I've ever heard in my life:

(On the way to the dispenser)
Adrian: My bottle smells. I have to wash it tonight.
Ben: You wash your bottle?
Adrian: Duh.
Ben: But.. I don't.
Adrian: And the winner of Grossest Man On Earth goes to..
Ben: Ok listen, cleaning a bottle is basically rinsing it with pipe water, right? Might as well save the hassle and fill it up with clean, cooked water.
Adrian: But the reason we rinse the bottle is so we can get rid of the bacteria.
Ben: My bottle is always closed. Where does this 'bacteria' come from?
Adrian: Your saliva.
Ben: There's no bacteria in our saliva.
Adrian: Then how come I don't see you licking your sweat of your body or eating your crap off the toilet bowl?!
Ben: But our body NEEDS to excrete stuff like sweat, pee and crap because they're harmful to our bodies. You don't see me needing to drool or spit, right? So this means my saliva is clean and I don't have to wash my bottle. And neither should you.
Adrian: But.. but..

Do we really need to wash our water bottles/containers? Anyway, exam week is upon us. One down, four to go. Oh and CK has been added to My Characters post. Finally.


Little Ray

Water bottles shouldn't be re-used more than twice. Don't know why, gotta ask my ex-teacher about it. Probably bullshit though.


depends on the NUMBER u c under ur bottles *checks 1 of d bottles*... or elsewhere. XD... IF NOT MISTAKEN.. d smaller the no is.. u shudn't reuse it often lo~~ u use those plastic or like REALLY water bottle??

plus.. this ALSO proves tat ben has bad breath... =P.. ben .. it's not healthy.. even though u're doing urself a favour ( no nit spend money on a new water bottle?) it ain't gud 4 ur health....=/

din u receive the mail about plastic water bottles??? ~_~


i never washed it if i am only using it for plain water.

and yes, you shouldn't reused the mineral water bottles. can be toxic or something like that.


little ray: but that's for those thin plastic mineral water bottles right? What about a normal water container?

pyin: i'm using one of those REALLY water bottle, not the thin plastic ones. AND I DO NOT HAVE BAD BREATH! *blows at the dog* *dog dies* ok maybe a little.

pinksterz: so you use a (according to pyin) REALLY water bottle la?


Whatever happened to Ahmeng cuz he is seldom mentioned in your blog? Very mysterious guy....


UGHHH.. do you know that your mouth contains a few millions species of bacteria?? And then when you eat, your food gets stuck between your teeth. You drink your water... and the water in your mouth, some might go back into the bottle.

Try swirling your water in the bottle. see all those white, translucent particles?



i am using those that are sold at the supermarkets one. not the mineral bottle. :)

Little Ray

Jayelle: LOL!



Hui Sen

Yeh. What Little Ray said. Goddammit.


coming from a dental student: HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW YOUR SALIVA HAS TONS OF BACTERIA IN IT!? *smacks forehead*

instead of washing your bottle..PLEASE CHANGE YOUR BOTTLE.


Not just your mouth which is filled with bacteria!! Our entire body is all about bacteria. We are actually more bacteria than human. So wash your bottle!!


Throw that shit away and buy a new one la diu... why r u so fuckin disgusting? lol

if you're reallllllyyyyy lazy to wash bottles then you should just pour the water into your mouth next time and avoid touching the bottle's mouth...

or, just open your mouth to the skies and pray it rains.

good luck! ;)


qiwei: ahmeng ah? sibuk teman girlfriend.

jayelle: ooo so that's what the white particles are. I thought they were like, collected minerals. FINE LA.

pinksterz: ditto.

mischique: it's been a year since i've had that bottle (and washed it). I'm not gonna throw it away!

mrbherng: that's crazy! then how are we still alive and breathing?

dryliquid: do you know how long it takes to wash a wate bottle? 5 minutes! I could be doing other useful stuff like studying or finding a cure for cancer in that precious 5 minutes.

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