Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sinking Of CK

Yesterday, CK almost drowned and couldn't sleep the next day:

CK Almost Drowned



hahaha... are u gona be a storyteller frm now on~ haha.. can imagine u getting a prize for tat entry.. hehe

n the music.. FUIYO~~~ haha..nice one~!! u shud make d voices in slow motion tat would be very funny indeed.. imagine::

*music at the background*.
*ben : i'..ll sa...v...e.. u~~~
*CK : Hu..r.rry... U..

just a thought XD

Little Ray

That was hilarious. Sorry I laughed. LOL.

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the music is like ohmygodcannottakeit funny!!!! this post. i like.

-Princess Shin-

Haha.. I'm starting to love this now! My mum must be thinking I'm weird, listening to the earphones in front of the computer not looking at the computer and laughing to herself! Wahaha.. Poor thing! Nearly drowning experience huh! Hehe..

Do you prepare your stuff beforehand and read it?


im ck
i think i will drown again next time
cause i drown = ppl happy


haha.. dun feel tat way CK.. at least u're like.. specially FEATURED in ben's blog..

i mean.. THINK bout it.. witout u... he won't have any more ideas to write/talk about.. hehe...

n u're famous now!!! ^_^


pyin: haha, how i wish. nice conversation piece you have there. oh no, people are learning from me..

little ray: don't be. haha.

suicidal: thanks man.

-princess shin-: yeah i prepare a rough note of what i want to talk about. Eliminates the awkward silence and "Er.."s.

ck: eh, i remember u also quite happy ah when u knew i was drowning with you!


"Sinking of CK is Ben's Best Effort to Date!"

"Two Thumbs Up!!"
- Karljam


is that the opening theme from Baywatch? he he he yea like Pyin said, may be you can try to make voices of CK, Adrian, and Kim, and then the background music, and some spashing water sound. :D

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