Friday, January 26, 2007

Clogged Up Water Tank

The water supply in Skudai was finally restored and our pipes were finally spewing out precious water! But there was a problem. Only the main pipes in the kitchen and our front yard were working fine but the other pipes in our house like the shower and sinks were still dead.

This could only mean that there's a problem with our water tank and so, we had to go all the way up there to unclog it. There you have it; 5 engineering students, one cold Friday afternoon and a clogged up water tank. This ought to be fun. Engineers must have an elaborate plan prepared before executing a task. We did. First, we located the only the attic in our house and then got the utilities ready.

We prepared candles in case it's too dark up there, a plunger to unclog the pipes, a long piece of steel wire in case the object clogging the pipes are solid, and a pack of M&Ms in case anyone gets hungry. We didn't have a ladder so Adrian suggested that we stack some tables and chairs.

Like this.

It was really wobbly and unstable so when it came time to decide who goes up,

Adrian: I gave the idea for the ladder replacement.
CK: I went out to buy the plunger for you guys.
Normie: I just got back from a tiring basketball game.
Kim: I'm still a virgin.
Ben: Ditto.

everyone chickened out. Apparently, we forgot to prepare both our testicles for this task. Kim was the lightest among the five of us so it was only practical that he went up there. He got smart and quickly opted for bribbery:

Kim: I'll treat anyone who guys up there first to a McD Sundae Cone.
Ben: That's only a buck. I'm not risking my life for a buck.
Kim: Fine, I'll treat him a er.. McFlurry.

And in a heart beat, Normie was already up there awaiting for instructions. Imagine what that man would do for an entire McValue meal. That's when we decided to play a prank on him and quickly packed up all the chairs and tables and hid in a corner.

Normie: Guys?
Normie: Guys?!
Normie: Oh wait, that's my foot.

Those were some of the weird ass comments he made. Freaked out people are funny. After that we put everything back in order and handed him the candles and plunger to do his thing. I swear as he was unclogging the tank, he was moaning and grunting the whole time as if he was trying to impregnate our water tank:

Normie: (While plunging the tank) Take that, water tank! *grunt, grunt*
Normie: (Drips candle wax all over the tank) You like that, don't you?
Normie: (continues plunging the tank) Yeah! Yeah!

We each took turns to go up the attic to plunge the tank (it's damn tiring). When it came to CK's turn, our pipes finally unclogged and WE COULD FINALLY SHOWER!! Everyone quickly ran into their toilets to take their well-deserved bath. Bath soaps were used excessively, songs were hummed, whistles were er.. whistled. Everyone was happy that the water supply is back to normal. After that, we all went out for a 'victory' dinner at McDs. It was a great day.

(In the car, on the way to McD)
Kim: Wait.. where's CK?



U forgot the part where we went swimming and ck nearly drown...
Just to irritate ck...hehehe!!!


sohai kim
dun post it anywhere la
like i drown very happy o?
and ben..
u also din do any thing to fix the tangki, ok?
AT lease i go buy the plunger


this gives a whole new twist to "how many engineers does it take to change a lightbulb?" ;)

i am btw, really curious to know how far normie would go for a mcvalue meal. heheh..

Hui Sen

I had an adventure with a water tank once. It was in Kota Bharu and the cheapskate company I worked for put me (and other staff) in a hotel which they had bought over with the intention to demolish.

The hotel wasn't staffed and wasn't cleaned. It was left like it was on the last day it operated as a hotel.

It was dirty, the rats were starving and on the last night the water tank overflowed in the middle of the night. Water bust through the ceiling of one of the rooms. Flooded the entire top floor and the staircase was a merry waterfall.

I was the only executive in the place. Everyone else looked to me to solve it. I was an I.T. Exec for *&^# sake. I had to climb into the roof with only a candle for light and shut off the water.

Great days.


anonymous 1: this is kim. ya i will audio blog about that when you're out of the room :D

anonymous 2: this is CK. he drowned.

jen: he would put on a red cape and fly through the wall. haha.

hui sen: you were the executive? use your power and order them to do it la.. for a McFlurry or something.


You know what this post lacks? An audio of your victory song!

Forget singing. Who wants to hear Ben hum and whistle? *raises hands*

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