Thursday, January 25, 2007

Need For Speed & Special Olympics

Last month I bought Need For Speed Carbon and had hellafun with it. That is, after I got stuck in the 5th and final stage of the game. From them on, no matter how many flawless runs I had or perfect corners I took, I couldn't seem to get ahead of the pack. That's when I uninstalled the game, threw the CD away and continued blogging.

York picked up the game 2 days ago (after I told him not to) and that smart-ass finished the game in 2 days. He wouldn't stop pestering me about how he was the Drift King on the streets and I was the ugly pixelated bitch who starts every race in the game. I was tired of all the bashing and naturally got defensive:

Ben: I stopped playing because the game was stupid. The tracks were mediocre, the physics were illogical and the graphics sucked.
York: But I finished it in 2 days. From what I heard, you got stuck halfway. LOSER!
Ben: Eh, finishing that god-awful game is like getting a gold medal in a special Olympics race.
York: What?
Ben: It's like, of course you'll win since everything about the game is screwed up. But wouldn't the victory seem a bit hollow?
York: But that's makes it even worse for you. You couldn't even win the race!
Ben: I'm different. See, I was running and I realised that it was a special Olympics race so I immediately pulled out of it. You continued running. You kiasu.
York: You suck.

And here's another audio clip from moi. Patience, loading takes time:

Brown Noser



u lick a pussy? WHY??!!

This one sounds over enthusiastic...


lol you can never please everyone. *nudges eve*

hahaha eh what a coincidence. *I* sang.

I don't know..but i think in every class there's one mentally retarded fool. without fail. every. single. year.


hehe. i was kinda anxious to hear whether u would say i am condeming you in previous post. because u said every body except one fella mah. haha. nvm that.

anyway, what did the cat do to you la until u decide to lick it? hehe.

Hui Sen

Definate improvement over the first one. Don't get articulate, get angry I guess!

We did realise you didn't actually lick the kitty. You'd have sounded muffled due to the hair stuck to your tongue and wedged in between your teeth.

And by the way, I finished NFS Carbon in 3 days. I needed the extra day because I'm old, I have a job and my spectacles were new at the time.

Loser. LOL!


eve: because i'm a guy and i like to go down on my women :D

jayelle: yeah i heard, haha!

pinksterz: heheh, dun worry. I'll mention you next time :D

hui sen: i sounded angry? I was going for perky and energetic. oh great..

3 days? Really that easy meh the game?! MUAAARGHH!!


Hey! Honestly, I've never read your blog before but you have been plugged by your friend and coincidentally I read her blog, that's how I got here. Sorry for my ignorance.

You sounded alright actually! I don't get what the complaints were about. The way you word your sentences were funny. I was writing my law notes while listening to random podcasts and when it came to yours, I put down my pen and listened. And yeah, that was a compliment from me, which I'm normally rather stingy about.

As a blogger myself, I understand that it ain't easy to please everybody. Who cares if some people dislike the way I blog? Who gives two hoots about people who detest my camslutting photos? Do I look like I'm arsed to layan these people cos I'd rather count the number of rice in my rice bin honestly. So just do what you're doing, you can never go wrong.I guess. heh :D

I'm bookmarking your blog now. Be back soon for more podcasts!


yay!! ben dun sound bored no more!! tis one's better... cuz u dun have ur roommate in n u can sound.. er.. who ever u want to be.... =D

nice one ben! * thumbs up * n yea.. u did sound angry.. if u want perky....try go.. LA LA LA LA LA b4 ur podcast.. XD


i believe the saying for the special olympics actually goes "even if you win, you are still a retard". You diluted the power of the phrase!!


waifon: haiyo u commented a day late la. if not can mention your comment in my audio blog. damn kembang :D thanks for the support!!

but just to let you know, i appreciate the bad comments as much as the good ones. those who give the not-so-supportive comments are usually long time readers of my blog and they have this ideal vision of how i would actually sound like. haha, sorry to dissapoint la :D

eh leave your blog address here also la. i love camsluts :D

pyin: i'll recite "rainbows and sunshine, rainbows and sunshine" before my next podcast.

soon: nono. i elaborated :D


I don't understand... why you chose the frog analogy xD

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