Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I Swear I Won't Delete This One

Ok I listened to this a few times and I didn't puke. Hope you guys won't too:

Water Outage

Edit: I gotta thank Jayelle for plugging my site. She did an audio post too. Go check it out.



I canot load until it finish. Fed up d...


U shud stop NOW!!!!!
U will lose readers!!!!
U only gain more listeners.hahahaha!!!


Ok, quite a few updates since I last checked but this takes the cake; branching out into podcasting.


u sound bored!! haha... but in the middle better liao la. cuz got more intonation liao.. .. oh!! look look water.... *imagining ben*... *wakakakaka*

n it would be SOOOO Much better.. if.. u sang.. >_<.. who wants to hear ben sing?? * raises hand *


*raises hands, legs, everything else that can be raised*


You sound Japanese, Ben. Are you Japanese?


eve: it is time to change computer. buy acer. really.

kim: you are my roommate. i am going to make you suffer.

wilson: podcasting! that sounds so much cooler than audioblogging. anyway, glad you're back.

pyin: i am not bored. i am cool. WHY U ALWAYS WANT TO HEAR ME SING?!

cy: YOU STOP ENCOURAGING PYIN! Japanese english got accent one meh?


hey, i finish listening d. i know how it feels when there's no water. I kena before, no water for 5days. hELL!! Really want to go crazy k

I support! I want to hear Ben sing!!! CHINESE SONGS!! hehe


otak will definitely won't be functionaing properly if we don't bath la. this apply to both girls and boys. hehe.


stick to writing no more audio....when i read ur blog post i can imagine more comparing againts when listening to ur audio post. It's same like teacher in front talking. Plus i imagined u sound like Daniel Craig when i read the post, now after listening to ur audio blog i cannot stop thinking of willy wonka



OMG!!! LOL! you urm... sound extremely different from what I expected! HAHAHAH!

Dude, maybe it's the awkwardness of podcasting alone; so do it with someone... coz you sound like you got smashed in the head when you were young...

Laudable attempt... but please...

no more... HAHAHA!!!


hey first time here = )

Uhmmmmmmmmm, how do you upload an audio file? =X



pinksterz: ya but i feel the girl will feel the pinch more :D

anonymous: willy wonka? niceeeee!!

dryliquid: glad you're finding all of this funny. *hides in the corner and cries* wait la, slowly i will improve one (i hope)

cla: hey there cla. i use the instructions should be very clear on the site.

cheng sim

was actually at Jolene's site, listening to her talking about armpit hair then i saw your link at her post, so here i am!

seriously think you're better at podcasting. not to say your blogging damn terrible lah. it's just some how, listening to you makes me wanna come over every freaking day leh because you're doing something different mah. not like other bloggers.

eh, famous podcaster usually have their own jingle in the very beginning of their podcast leh. suggestion: National Geographic theme song or maybe try something sissy like High School Musical's. try it!


cheng sim: haha, thanks. actually i do notice the acute increase my blog traffic ever since i started podcasting so i guess you're right, people actually do prefer me podcasting.. i think.. either that or they love to see me make a fool of myself.

i thought of that jingle thing, like a musical intro. But can't get a suitable one la. NGEO sounds like i should start blogging in an Australian accent and talk about crocs and snakes. high musical is too er.. musical. the search continues.

-Princess Shin-

Hahaha.. I couldn't stop laughing when i first heard it.. not that it was terrible but.. haha...

Good job though.. i will be definitely tuning in from now on. 2nd one was better.. But i prefer the 1st one coz it was original! =)

Now you juz made me curious on what kind of person u are..


nice blog u hav.. just addicted to ur blog..

ur audioblog on multitask is louder but this.. hav 2 tune 2 d loudest then only can hear.. u gain both readers n listener, dun u?? hehe..

imagine that u din bath for a day, ur hair will be very oily!! how can u stand that?? mayb guys r weirdo.. =p

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