Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Hate My Sister

Humility ..

(On SMS)
Sister: I got BAND 6 for MUET (Malaysian University English Test)!
Ben: Ok good for you.
Sister: Haha, hey didn't you get a.. wait.. you only got a Band 5.
Ben: ...
Sister: My elder brother WHO HAS A BLOG only got a Band 5 for MUET. So this means *gasp* that I am so much better than him. Or.. he is so much worse than me. Or.. he just isn't that good, at all.

.. is a quality seriously lacking in my family.

Edit: I am so sorry but I just had to delete that audio post. I got goosebumps just hearing my own self speak. I promise to speak in a more natural tone, tomorrow :D



Don't worry, i feel you. My voice sounds like minnie mouse whenever transmitted over a device -.-"


darn i missed the clip!! post it up again!! hehe.. but understand de when u record ur voice then play it again.. it's like.... OMG i sound like tat?? DELETE!!! hehe..

btw.. congrats to ur sister... how much did she get btw?? *wink wink*
i mean ya lah.. band 6 but it's low.. middle or high?? hehe jus wondering...

Hui Sen

I don't know the standard of the MUET but I seriously hope it's of a higher standard than the English we learnt in school.

The standard of English taught in government schools. One word sums it up.



eve: it just feels so weird talking to myself. maybe that's why i changed my intonation.

pyin: dunno how much she get. lazy wan to ask her la. pokoknya, she higher than me and i have to do something about it.

hui sen: definitely higher. it's one the toughest english exams. maybe even tougher than TOEFL.

The Sister

hahahahaha! you just made my day! guess who ;p


the sister: honestly, do i have to guess?


i was only one BLOODY point away from a band 6, i think i more frustrated than you lor... 1 freaking point!

to add salt to wound, my school sponsored all those who got band 6 to take the ielts (or was it toefl? can't remember) for free.

then again, these sort of tests don't really indicate your real proficiency in english because it's such a one-off thing. i have a friend whose english is way terror than mine for sure and her band 5 marks is slightly lower than mine. i think marks don't count in that case, because people can tell if you're good.


sulz: i was 5 points away from a band 6. sigh. only those newspaper-ish type of essays will get you the high marks. write anything out of the ordinary like about how a lion met a tiger and then became best of friends as they went on their quest to defeat the evil mouse, EVEN WITH mind-blowing English, also sure get low marks. they don't encourage creativity at all.

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