Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Characters

I get most of my jokes and humour from these guys so I thought might as well give credit to where credit is due :-)

Nickname: Adrian
Origin: Penang, Malaysia
My Description: This is my housemate
and coursemate. Sometimes too good looking for his own good. Fine, I'm jealous. Of course, his favourite topic would be about girls, girls, girls.

Nickname: Ahmeng
Origin: Pahang, Malaysia
My Description: My facultymate or better known as Wanyean's coursemate. This fella damn scared when I told him I'll be adding him to my character's profile. Ahaha! Mainly because we both argue a lot, A LOT. Everyday I see him also I must shoot him down if not I cannot sleep happy. He lives for sports; basketball, football, badminton, you name it, he's up for it.

Nickname: CK
Origin: Perak, Malaysia
My Description: I've been stalling to put him in th
is post for almost a year now. So here he is. This is CK. This guy is VERY Chinese. He only fluently speaks Chinese, listens to Chinese music, reads Chinese novels and plays ping pong. ... What? Ping pong is like SO Chinese la. Anyway, he thought I was a snob when I first met him because I could only speak in English (hardships of being a banana). But as you can tell, things have changed a lot since then. His English has improved tremendously and my Chinese.. has not. -sigh- He also has a blog.

Nickname: Mak
Origin: Perak, Malaysia
My Description: The class clown ladies and gentlemen. Lecturers know him as the loud, short one. But being the obnoxious asshole that he is, this guy can be pretty fun to talk to. Most of the time, our conversations turn into very good blog material. He's shorter than me. I like.

Nickname: Kim
Origin: Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

My Description: This is my roommate, housemate and coursemate. He is the reincarnation of satan. When this dude runs his mouth you'd better start running. He is the single most sarcastic and most satirical undergrad in the whole of UTM. He is also a banana. He just started a blog at friendster, go la support him!

Nickname: Normie
Origin: Selangor, Malaysia
My Description: This is also my housemate and coursemate. Maybe the thing that stands out most about this guy is that he's tall. Other than that he's a very down to earth guy. You could crack a joke and he'll play along the whole way through (sometimes even makes you wish you didn't crack the joke in the first place).

Nickname: Wanyean
Origin: Penang, Malaysia
My Description: A faculty mate. He has his own blog. He really hates Johor and thinks his hometown Penang is heaven on earth. I wish Penang would sink into the sea, let's see whether he would still be as talkative.

Nickname: York
Origin: Johor, Malaysia
My Description: A regular good boy. Doesn't drink, doesn't gamble, doesn't curse, doesn't look at girls, doesn't this, doesn't that.
But we all know it's all going to change soon when he hangs around me long enough :) Right now, I'm trying to get him to show the finger for once *sigh* But considering all those 'good boy traits', he is suprisingly a pretty nice guy to talk to. (Photo looks more like an IC shot).


Wan Yean

and i'll pray day and night that tawau will be striken with forest fire, burning down every single buildings (if there is any) there.

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Penang will NEVER sink, unless...

(gulp) NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... Ben!! Stay where you are. Don't come over here!! NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...~


Hey nice blog here. LOL. I feel like watching a drama series here. In a blog version. Texts. Need more imaginations. lol.


LOL normie sounds funny XD

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