Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cheapening Your Monthly Utility Bill

So the TNB guys came today (FINALLY!) and did a thorough check on our electricity meter. After 20 minutes of flipping switches and doing calculations, it was confirmed that there's an electricity leakage somewhere at the kitchen area. This, of course sucks because it means that the meter is fine and we STILL have to pay the accumulated RM480 electricity bill.

They said that we have to call up the contractor for our house and tell him to re-inspect the wirings at home. Sigh. So in the mean time, we have to cut back on heavy electricity usage, mainly the electric kettle. We almost freaked out when he showed us the kettle readings. A refrigerator uses only 2M of electricity while an electric kettle uses 8M! (read: EIGHT! LAPAN!)

So for the next few weeks, we will not be boiling our drinking water but instead getting our daily supply of H2O from the nearby water dispenser (RM0.20 a litre). That's not the only sacrifice we thought of making:

Ben: What else can we save on?
Adrian: We could stop leaving our computers on for 24 hours.
Ben: ...
Adrian: I'm sorry, I didn't know what I was thinking. [Slaps self]
Ben: How about saving on our water bill? We could use less water to make up for the electricity bill.
Adrian: You mean cutting back on showering?
Ben: Cut back? I'm thinking of something more.. extreme.

{Starts dream sequence}

(It starts to rain)
Ben: It's raining!
Adrian: You mean there's FREE water falling from the sky?
Ben: Yes. The day has finally come for us.
Adrian: After 2 weeks of waiting, we can finally take a bath!
Ben: Wuuuhuuu! And drink, we can finally drink WATER again!

(It suddenly stops raining)

Adrian: ...
Ben: It's okay. We can wait for another two more weeks.
Adrian: -sobs- [Rubs a bar of dry soap onto body]
Ben: [Sips off an empty cup]

{Ends dream sequence}

Adrian: NO!
Ben: It's just a suggestion.

I also suggested that we fix a dynamo to our hamster's wheel which will power the entire house when it runs on it. Sigh. Why our house so many problems one?!



Why don't you move out and find a better house? Will it be a hassle? It's really unfair that all of you have to pay for something you never use - the leakage thing - the landlord should be responsible for it for renting to you guys such a defective house.


From my own experience in renting property, usually the first thing we do when moving in is to check and case the entire house/apartment for any form of pre-existing damages and defects.

However, something like an electricity leakage would not be so easy to detect. The electricity bill, unfortunately, is yours to bear but anything to do with the leakage has to be the landlord's responsiblity.


What?!! You called that a lot of problem?


qiwei: yes it would be a lot of hassle. it took us 2 months to finally get this house, we don't want to spend another 2 months scouting for a cheap, affordable house again.

wilson: actually we did check the entire house before moving in. there were cracks on the ceiling, chipped paints, etc. and we asked the owner to fix every single one of them before we moved in. unfortunately like you said, electricity leakage is something harder to detect at first.

mrbherng: electricity leakage and crazy neighbours. it's a lot of problem to me :( u sound like you're having a much more difficult time there, wanna share?


hahah, with the monsoon season swinging into full effect, you don't have to wait a fortnight for your 'showers'.


din: no kidding. it's been raining every single day here!


You really wanna know eh? Here you go then. The heating failed on us when the temperature outside was about 1-2C at night, my room's flooring was lifted to fixed the new pipings for the heating thus me not having a proper place to sleep in and my wardrobe was the dining table. When the heatings nearly done, the flooring where the water tank used to be fell through into our living room. That left a hole right above our TV. That was one hack of an amazing week... at least for the people that I had told the story =/


hey, hi, how r u?
quite sometime never visit your site :)
so you have change a new template, good try!

Joash Chan

Put a cat in with your hamster, and you'll see a dynamo going... Gosh, it's a brilliant idea!! Let's use animals to generate electricity & fight with TNB!! WOW!!

Power to the people...

Hui Sen

Dood! Lay off the drugs! LOL!

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