Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lightening Up The Mood

Seems that my recent posts were getting a bit too serious. Some a bit political, some too ranty and the previous one, a bit too controversial. I would like everyone to know that whatever I write on this blog is purely for entertaiment's sake. I want this blog to be what is has always been, a light read. So to make up for my blog's lost 'happy-go-lucky' spirit, here's a picture of my hamster in a toilet roll.

So cute right? With this picture, I bet I could write an entry on modern genocide and still get away scot free. Ok probably not but it's just so darn cute! Anyway, I'm sitting for my FINAL finals paper tomorrow. After that, I AM FREE!

[Wuhuuu! Throws confetti in the air, releases 12 white doves, plays John Mayer - No Such Thing]

[Realises that exam is still not over - puts down party hat, continues studying]


Hui Sen

Good luck with your exam Ben.


who hooo... my finals r ending tomorrow too!

wait... today's sunday...

exam's on tuesday...


g'luck man ;)


ooo last paper la.. ben can stop being crazy n fantasing about his lecturers no more... oh man.... hehe..

good luck on ur last paper dude!!! rock on!!! XD


How come your hamster so "long" one?


me has finished wif me's exams. amazing.. stuffed hamster. id'd try tat when i get back home. good luck wif the rest of ur exam


Ooo ... a bit late to wish you luck for exam now but enjoy your holidays after the exams! hehehe...

My exams end tmr! ><

The hamster is WAY cute! It's kinda scary how u can see it's other end sticking out of the roll but hey... as long as it's not being tortured ><.

Oh btw... you're not THAT skinny but you ain't exactly fat either :P(reponse to a very old comment)


Yeah, especially in the last post we got people getting way too defensive. I can go on and on about that but that damn hamster pretty much destroyed my thought process.

Anyways, hope you do good in your exams.

Good luck :)


boo u! u tortured lil lucky and i didnt even noe about it! T_T


huisen, dryliquid, pyin: thank you!

jason: er.. optical illusion gua.

alex: remember to take picture. i wan to compare :D

sue anne: not tortured.. right.. (chuckles). You know what's not fat and not skinny? Mr. Fit! ... sigh.

wilson: thanks man.

bernice: you didn't ask!


why do i keep thinking of alice and her encounter with mock turtle... and what a furry turtle that is!

gah that makes me miss my hamsters, they have such... pliable bodies and can pass through reallllly narrow places


Is the humpster pic supposed to look obscene?


grats u're now FREE!!!

it's SO cute lar please. SOOOOO cute. SOOOOOOOOO cute... (ok erm...enough :$)

how did it actually...end up in that...toilet roll?

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