Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Went Clubbing!

So what does one do after arriving back to his hometown which he has never visited for 3 months? Me, I took a long shower, ate some good home-made food, updated my parents on my life in uni, watched "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" on DVD and then slowly fall asleep GO CLUBBING!

Finally after a 2 year stint, I can call myself a clubber again!


Ok I'm obviously making a big deal out of this but it was so UNREAL! The liquour, the dancing, the hypnotizing strobe lights, the 'nicely' dressed women, it was too much for someone such as myself to take in all at once. Imagine a little boy locked inside a candy store for one whole night, that would be me! Except the store would be playing the latest hip hop music, the customers would all be stylishly dressed, and the candy would all be replaced with liquor.. and there would be people dancing.. in the candy-turned-liquor store.

Anyway, Wanyean was the one who invited me to tag along with his hometown buddies. And suprise, suprise, Eve was there too! We introduced each other, shook hands and said the usual, "Hey I've read your blog." But that was how Eve and I got accquainted. Wanyean and Eve on the other, had a more interesting way of saying 'Hello':

Eve: Hey you're thinner in person.
Wanyean: [thinks of a witty response] Ah well, you're fatter in person.
Eve: ...

(Eve turns into a big gigantic monster and swallows up Wanyean)

Besides that, I also got introduced to 2 other hawt girls that night. They were Eve's friends from USM. Wa USM also got so pretty girls, why UTM don't have one?! One of the girls had a funny name though:

Hot Friend: My name is Manly.
Ben: What?
Hot Friend: I am Manly!
Ben: [Sigh, what a waste] Oh ok, Manly..

Ben: Who names themselves 'Manly'?
Wanyean: It's Mandy, you dick.

I blame the loud blasting music. The techno music they played early that night was so undanceable to. I tried moving to the beat but I can't help feeling like an electrocuted chicken. As the night went on, the DJ switched to r&b and hip hop. That's when everyone started crowding the dance floor. Now this is so much better than techno, at least this time I just look electrocuted.

The DJ was fun too. He acknowledged Wanyean's buddies by saying, "We have some Penangnites in the house!" where at this point, they started screaming. Naturally, I didn't want to get left behind:

Ben: Sabah! Sabah! Sabah! [Waving frantically]
DJ: What?
Ben: Sabah! Sabah! I'm from Sabah! [Jumping up and down]
DJ: I know you are. Would you like a banana?

Ok he didn't say the banana part but damn it, I got humiliated. It was all in good fun though, just like the entire night. *lick* Finally Ben's got a taste of the KL night life :D Here are some photos from the night.

Peace out!



Ho! You haven't really seen the clubbin scene of kl just base on last night.

Nice meeting you!! Erm, how to send u the photos? Can email me ur msn maybe? at


No wonder the name sounded so familiar, it's boss stewie's gf. :P

u are so dead, ben.


Clubbing is real fun, huh? I'm so addicted to it especially ladies' night getting free cocktails.

india boy

TECHNO OWNS RNB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wish I were in KL... really...


eve: i know, it wasn't packed enough right? no worries though, i think my next clubbing experience is just around the corner :D

jason: SHE IS?! (Takes hands off Eve) Since when?

qiwei: ahaha, where u biasa go clubbing?

india boy: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

cy: don't we all?


KL has a damn good clubbing scene. Over here is nothing compared to where you're at. The most "happening" club here is comparable to a mid-level-to-smaller club in KL.

So you can probably guess whats on my priority list when I get my ass there...


Wow...Finally BEN u did go clubbing...I`m still in utm waiting my time to go bk..:C Anyway c u in Genting n v might can go clubbing again in SAFARI!!!


Pure Bar in Malacca is the clubbing spot for MMU students. It may not be as hot as ZOUK but it's a really cool place to hang out and shake your bootie all night long!

-Princess Shin-

Hey.. where did u go for ur clubbing? COngrats on u finishin ur finals! Muz be having fun now! =) I also wanna go clubbing!!!


yo yo dude...
nice to hear u had pure fun that nite out...
another new fren, another new experience in KL...


wilson: maybe you're not in the city part of aussie?

sm: i thought who is this. first thing that came to mind was "sex maniac" then think longer only know it is SUM MENG! so means you coming along to genting ah?

qiwei: Pure Bar. Ok, gonna check it out if ever I'm down there.

princess shin: it's this place called "upstairs". Go la! you live in KL dun go clubbing, so wasted!

spyd3r: and another liquor tasted :D


Trust me bro, every KL-ite in Sydney will tell you the same thing. Even Lonely Planet 6 degrees covered the KL clubbing scene

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