Friday, February 02, 2007

Dogs & Silly Humans

Our dog Chocy has been very loud lately, whimpering and barking all day long. Must be 'that' time of the month. The neighbours (understandably) are not happy about this. One morning before class, we were waiting at the front gate for Adrian to dress up (he woke up late again) when suddenly Chocy threw one of its usual fits. That's when our neighbours snapped and started screaming:

Neighbour 1: Oi, diam la! Bising! (Malay)
Neighbour 2: Chau sei yan ah! (Cantonese)
Kim: They DO know right that dogs can't understand the human language regardless of dialect.
Ben: Well apparently they don't.
Kim: That's why WE are going to a university and THEY are stuck in their crummy single storey houses. [Diverts attention to Chocy] Isn't that right Chocy? We have stupid neighbours, don't we Chocy? Stupid people thinking that you could understand the human language. Aren't they dumb? Tell me Chocy, aren't they dumb?
Ben: Kim..
Kim: What?
Ben: Nevermind.



hey, its a nice conversation indeed!! And wat about this pet ecards!! check them out too..


heyy dogs do understand u knowww..they doo..have faith in them! ;P


Yeah I agree with huei. Dogs do understand :)


huei: no they don't!

cy: no they don't!

Joash Chan

This post made me laugh. Thanks. Is your voice like that in real life?


joash chan: heheh, you're welcomed. yeah i sound like that minus the accent. can't seem to bring myself to speak in a normal malaysian slang when I'm talking to myself.


Hey! That's pretty rude of your neighbors...They should be a bit co operative and understanding!!


A funny post, Ben. hehehe


i am feeling sorry for Chocy already. May be Chocy's barking so someone can come to the rescue. Afterall the "silly humans" can't seem to understand him/her all these times :p

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