Saturday, February 03, 2007

'P' In Pool

The guys and I went swimming again yesterday. After last week's incident, CK was naturally more cautious. He basically hung around the shallow part of the pool for 2 hours while pestering me with questions like, "Where's the deep part? Are you sure? Are you absolutely positively sure? You liar! Show me!"

Besides attending to CK's new found fear of drowning, I also spent the entire evening doing continuous laps around the pool. In case you all haven't heard, my new found aspiration in life is to have a body like Daniel Craig's. Unlike my previous dreams of becoming an actor, a taekwando black belt, a guitarist or a president of a club, I am pretty sure this won't go down the drain as well. Who am I kidding. I'll give myself a month.

Adrian and Kim were busy learning to swim. Kim got bored of the constant paddling and decided to lighten things up by playing a trick on Adrian:

Kim: I am going to swim underwater and pull Adrian's pants down while he's not looking.
Ben: Dude..
Kim: What?
Ben: DO IT!!

So while Adrian was at the side of the pool resting on his head, Kim quickly dived underwater and swam towards him. When he got close, Kim reached out for the pants but Adrian noticed him and immediately grabbed hold of both Kim's hand and just held him underwater. After a few seconds of struggling, Kim finally broke free and jumped right up for air:

Kim: What the hell is wrong with you?!
Adrian: Did it taste good?
Kim: What tasted good?
Adrian: My pee.
Adrian: Serves you right for sneaking up on me like that.
Kim: But you could've just pushed me away or evade! NOT HOLD ME DOWN AND PEE ONTO MY FACE!
Adrian: So how did it taste?
Kim: You are worse than Ben in terms of grossness.

Ben (from afar): I heard that!
Kim: Fuck you! I have pee on my face!

Which brings me to next question; Is it ok to pee in a public pool? Anyway, you all might have noticed that I recently added a "Reader Snippets" section on my sidebar. Well I felt bad for not linking my readers on the sidebar (there's too many of you!) so I thought that I'd make it up by highlighting some of your interesting posts from time to time. Don't worry, I have all you guys on my Google Reader.



so did it taste good? didn't kim tell you? haha.


Of course it's NOT ok to pee in pool! That's so unhygenic. But some of us had probably done it secretly.


Here's something everyone does but no one admits :D


pinksterz: i didn't dare to ask.

mj: haha u say it like it's ok to do it as long as we don't announce it. "FELLOW SWIMMERS, BEHOLD! I AM PEEING!!"

cy: i've never. have you?


Ah. And I bet you're lying :P

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