Sunday, February 04, 2007

Study Rage

Studying too much can make a normal person go crazy. Imagine what it would do to someone like me:

Study Rage



Wonder what will happen to you if you have more papers and more assignment to go in as little time. That would be rather fascinating.


LOL! Your podcast damn chun wei.


i think u enjoying podcast more and more. This was really funny with the sound effect and all. and NO!We do not grow extra limbs. We are naturally born more talented than guys*smirks*


Eve, I challenge you to a debate.

Ow ow ow... get your three hands off my ear.



oh yeah.. ben's lost it...


guys dun have d patient like us girls do.. hoho.. n guys keep sticking themselves to online games til forgetting wat they're suppose to be doing in d first place.. =) good luck ben~~ ^_^


i can't imagine how would men act if they had that girl's gene? lol

most girls love having a hectic life. like be the president of this, that, this, that, the editor of the mag, the ketua of this, the naib pengerusi of that...*and the list goes on* so, we girls do love multitasking! having a handful of tasks simply nice. haha ;P

btw, this one really nice with the sound effect and all!


mrbherng: yes. yes it would be.

jason: thanks man :D

eve: yeah i think i feel more comfortable this time around. haha, i'm actually looking for more sound effects online.

cy: go. represent us guys!

pyin: when we do something, we do till the end without taking any turns. :D

pinksterz: interesting. i am like, the exact opposite of that. sigh.


hahaahahahah grow three extra pairs of hands?? *roar roar* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

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