Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hearts & Lightbulbs Valentines Charity Event

I received an e-mail today from a reader asking me for a favour to promote this charity event she's organising. I think it's really great what Jasemaine is doing. Not many youngsters her age (including myself) would think twice about helping the less fortunate let alone organising an entire event for them. That's why I'm dedicating this entire post for her noble cause.

It's basically a charity concert performed by independent musicians and local bands where all proceeds and donations will go to the St. Jerome Home in Petaling Jaya. So to those of you who are back (or memang) in KL on the 11th of February, go on over and take a peek. ADMISSION IS FREE! Who knows, maybe you'll really like what you see. Here's their promo flier:

(Click to enlarge!)

Here is more information on the team she assembled to help her organise the event. In case you people don't know where Hartamas Square is, here is a map to the venue. Come on guys, spread the love :D


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