Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Giving Birth Is Arousing

Yesterday, a dog gave birth to 4 little puppies right in front our house. It was fascinating because this is the first time I've ever seen a young puppy. They look like hamsters! This afternoon, Adrian and I found one of the puppies trapped in the drain. Apparently, the young found its way to the edge of the gutter and fell right into it. It is good-deed-doing-time:

Ben: You pick it up.
Adrian: No, YOU pick it up.
Ben: I would but it's all covered in its mother's cum.
Adrian: What?
Ben: It just came out from its mother's vagina, which is filled with those stuff.
Adrian: Dogs or any mammal for that matter, only ejaculate when they're sexually aroused. I can assure you, giving birth to 4 puppies in one go is anything but arousing.
Ben: If you think about it, sex is basically rubbing the sides of a woman's vagina.
Adrian: Yeah, so?
Ben: So giving birth is the same thing! Only instead, the penetration is done in the opposite direction.
Adrian: ...
Ben: And the penetrating object is much larger too.
Adrian: ...
Ben: Chances to hit the G-spot also increases. It's like insta-orgasm every time a female species gives birth to a child. Look at that wet puppy, all covered with its mother's cum. Do you think it swallowed some of it?
Ben: And a lot of cum.

In the end, we asked Kim to help get the puppy out of the gutter. Heh. His hands are filled with the bitch's cum.

Side note: Hearts & Lightbulbs Valentines Charity Event. Be there!




enough said. heh.


u so bad!! pity lil pup..

Mischique ARE mean...poor puppies..


LOL! So when you were born, you were covered in CUM?


Hey there...came across ur blog from somewhere and LOVE IT!!! Every bit of it!!! Good job!


december23 & mischique: hey, i would save the puppies myself! ... after i've hosed it down with soap water. damn it, i AM mean.

chrizsim: you are a sick man. welcome to the club.

clare: thanks. haha. come back more often!


even if u dun, the mummy of the pup will lick d so-called cum by herself.. and then u can save her pup..

new born pup can't bath, so u can't hosed water to it! pity mum for choosing the wrong place to give birth to her pups.. =P

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