Monday, July 10, 2006

First Day At UTM As A Sophomore

So how did my first day as a sophomore go? Well, it was certainly worse than I expected. The sophomores (us) were like vultures scouring the entire mechanical faculty for food female freshies. The scene was awesome, some were just starting to chat up the female freshies and some already has 4 handphone numbers in their pockets.

Me? Well, I needed some help from my roommate:

(At the faculty walkway, shopping for female freshies)
Adrian: *Pointing* Mine. So mine. Definitely mine. Yours.
Ben: *Looks at disgust* What?!
Adrian: Not too tall, great legs, great body, cute face, nice complexion, big eyes..
Ben: And an ADAM'S APPLE?
Adrian: Damn, you noticed.
Ben: !!!

Unfortunately we sophomores do not have our classes together with the freshmen but that didn't stop us from 'vulturing' inside lecture halls:

(Inside the lecture hall, while having our class)
Entire Class: -Looks outside-
Kim: I like the one in red.
Adrian: Yeah, she's pretty. I wonder if she's a mechanical freshy.
Normie: Hold on, I'll go out and ask her. LECTURER, BOLEH SAYA KE TANDAS SEKEJAP?

I am so scaring the freshies right now :)

Who is Kim, Adrian & Normie? Look it up in The Characters post.



Came across ur blog just now. Seems like u'r happy being a utm student. Im currently a final year Che Eng student, u know, fkkksa? Utm is great, but studying is tiring. Stress and everything. But it's indeed an exp. Really shocking to find that birthday for guys are so gruesome. Hehe. Adios.


I have NEVER met a female studying mech before. NEVER. So, how'd they look like?

cheng sim

whoa. ur Uni life as an engineering student is pathetic weh. i wonder if women in nursing course are doing the same thing? oh wait, there are doctors.
looks like its only you...

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