Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sarcastic Remarks, Gotta Love Em'

Coming back to UTM, I realised there's one thing I really missed about it. I missed exchanging insults and sarcastic remarks with the gang back here. Take this little scene here right after my roommate, Adrian, and I checked-in into our rooms:

(Our room)
Ben: Our previous room was bigger than this one.
Adrian: Let's start cleaning. Where's our the mop and broom?
Ben: I threw them away last semester.
Adrian: What?! Why?!
Ben: It's a hassle to store them. Buy new one la, a mop and broom hardly cost anything.

So after buying ourselves a new mop and broom, we immediately went back to clean our room:

(Our room, again)
Ben: Hm, I can't find a suitable place to put the mop and broom. It's so small here.
Adrian: Maybe you should just throw it away. It hardly costs a thing anyway. *grin*
Ben: EH! You know what I mean!


Ben: Why can't I find my toilet slippers?
Adrian: Maybe you threw it away.
Ben: No, I don't think I did.
Adrian: Oh yeah, you're so used to disposing 'worthless' objects that sometimes you just forget. Don't worry, I understand *pats Ben's head*
Ben: (Throws Adrian off the window)

I gotta brush up on my heckling skills. Meanwhile, I'll just make use of the fact that my room and my classes are not on the ground floor.


bubbly soda

ish... ish.. ish... people barely have a house to stay and you are discarding *worthless items* think of the poor before you throw things away. Your mop and broom's cost might be someone else's wages for the day. tsk..tsk..tsk..

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