Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ladies, Engineering Won't Bite

Our third semester is starting very soon and I honestly cannot wait to get back to the repetitive schedules and tiresome lectures. Fine, I just can't wait to meet the juniors. Pleeeeaaaase let there be more girls this year!!

Oh you didn't know? Apparently, engineering isn't the most popular career path among women these days and hence the dissapointing number of female undergrads registered into our courses every single year. Take our batch for example; out of 73 undergrads enrolled into our mechanical engineering course, only 3 were female. And according to our seniors, the worst numbers in the faculty, ever.

It even came to a point where whenever we strolled pass the women's toilet at our faculty, we actually pointed our fingers and laughed at it. Yes, the scene here can get pretty desperate:

(A girl takes a step onto the faculty)

(100 metres away...)
Ben: Shhh, did you hear that?
Adrian: Yes.. *sniff* *sniff* I smell it too.
Ben: Come, we must hurry.
Adrian: Yes, we must.

I mean really, really, desperate:

My coursemate's latest Friendster bulletin

Come on ladies! Show us some pity, especially to him *points to the top*.



Desperate kaw kaw ni... However, there are other things that you should know as well. For girls who take up engineering, perhaps, out of 10, there might be 1 quite pretty only. LOL.


*curls up in fetal position and sucks on thumb*


girls enrolling in mechanical engineering in utm?


o forgot to tell u.. i got one fren go utm.. very very pretty.. very very cute oso..

but taken liao la.. haha.. so good luck... i think oso same course?? i forgot hmm.. oh well.. see how lucky u can be la.. XD


derek: u are soooo lucky u were in electrical :(

pyin: name, contact, weight, height, body cut plz..

cheng sim

whoa lao! that desperate meh? then again, go and flirt with some girls from the OTHER faculty lah. as for me, im planning to flirt with engineering and architecture course students when i head to Uni next year. whoa. tanned guys are SOOOO HOT!!! *sizzles*

bubbly soda

desperate maut! eh, go and sidai a bit. Maybe CS would flirt with you. kekeke...


haha my bad my bad.. she's in UM.. hahahha :P

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