Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Chat With Chengsim

Question: What do you get when two humour bloggers try to outwit each other in a war of words?

(After talking on MSN for 30 minutes)
Ben: u are the least sarcastic girl i've chatted with before
ChengSim: omg. melly just told me tht my blog is filled with sarcasm!
ChengSim: that a compliment?
Ben: that was me being sarcastic.
ChengSim: *cries softly at a corner*
Ben: *walks out the door triumphantly with a bottle of rum in his hands*
ChengSim: *takes the rum, pours it all over Ben's head*
Ben: *slowly strips as water flows from head to toe*
ChengSim: *starts licking*
Ben: ...

Aswer: An erection.



ahh, may the best clown win asia's best humour blog award.


ironically, clowns scare me..


I sense a potential romance.

cheng sim

*scratches head*
i never knew Chloe and Skyler reads sewjin's blog!!!

very farnee skyler =P
*snatches the muffins back*

Wan Yean

skyler, we are witnessing the revised modern version of beauty and the beast.


skyler: nah, it's just a 'one night stand'

chengsim: you eat her muffin girl!

wanyean: on your flight back to johor, may both ur testicles drop out from the sky and into a dog's wide open mouth.

Tm Lee

care to continue further...?
i want see what happen? hehe

bubbly soda

WOI!!!!! ITS NOT MUFFINS they are CUPCAKES!!!!!! ARGHHH!!!! Btw, CS is not innocent and she is friggin horny! She gets excited very quickly. ehhehe


Make sure she knows it's a one night stand.

Break her heart and I'll break your member.


chengsim, u have a great friend there.

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