Monday, July 03, 2006

Parking In KL

Owning a car can be a real bane when you're moving around the streets of the city. No, I'm not talking about the worrisome fuel consumption or having to drive through the insane bumper to bumper traffic OR dealing with the crazy KL taxi drivers. Then what is it?

The act or practice of temporarily leaving a vehicle or maneuvering a vehicle into a certain location; that's the definition of parking. Circling the block for 20 times and swearing in 10 different chinese dialects while LOOKING for that location; that's the definition of parking in KL. This statement even holds true for two
non-chinese speaking friends on a day out yesterday:

(In Midvalley parking lot)
Ben: *Sees an empty spot*

(Another car zooms in)
Ben: Lansi bitch!
Friend: Pokai ah lian!
Ben: Look, that guy is coming out.

(After waiting for 5 minutes, the guy shuts off his engine)
Ben: Asshole sohai! Waste my time only!
Friend: Lok zhat, maaahai!!! Tell la earlier!
Ben: Look, a lady with her goods! Yay!

(The lady opens the car boot, stores her goods, closes the car boot, walks off)
Ben: Hey not bad, your vocabulary has improved.
Friend: Thanks, yours too.



midvally parking is one of the worst, compounded by the fact that there's only 1 place to pay the parking fee. stupid mall.


Har har har!! Good one! ;)

bubbly soda

Finding parking is a way to measure your vocab skill. Very impressive. WTH...


hahaha!! can't stop laughing when i saw your frens conversation, *faint~

anyway, sometime if you are lucky, you can get some nice person where they will ask you to 'follow' him while he is walking to the car slot, indirectly reserved the place for you and prevent other car to get in, how nice~ ^^


ky: big, stupid mall

bubbly soda: have to learn to swear before you can learn how to speak politely. that goes for ANY language.

pianonee: i usually see (in this situation) women help other women or men help other women but never men help other men.

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