Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Met Melly

Today, I had a meet-up with a fellow blogger at Sunway Pyramid:

(After waiting for a while, Melly shows up but I wasn't sure...)
Ben: (Thinking to self) This girl could be Melly. Wait, see if she waves at me.
Melly: (Thinking to self) This guy could be Ben. Wait, see if he waves at me.

(Neither waved)

Melly: (Thinking to self) OMG, this guy is actually staring at me!
Ben: (Thinking to self) Oh yeah, this girl is so checking me out!
Ben: Aaaw come on honey, you know you want a piece of this! *flexes muscles*

Fine, I exagerated but it did almost happen. We both weren't so sure of each other at first sight. It wasn't until after Melly exclaimed a sarcastic remark at me that I was relieved I wasn't caught staring.

(Post extended upon Skyler's request, I do not like to dissapoint)
So after saying our Hellos, we strolled around the pyramid in search of something to eat and ended up in Long John's Silver. It cracked me up a little that we are actually having lunch at LONG JOHN'S. As in Thor's Hammer? As in The Powerprawn? As in.. our Twinkie? Now I'm just humouring myself.

So we ate, chatted, I spilled my cola and chatted some more. After that we both wandered aimlessly around the pyramid in search of something to shop or do. Melly busted her leg so that rules out skating and bowling, I have nothing to buy for so that shortened the shopping period and we both wanted to be home before sundown for our own reasons, so that rules out catching the 5.30pm movies (plus there weren't anything good on).

But it wasn't until we've covered every single inch of the pyramid that we realised there isn't anything much to do. Free exercise. So we rested ourselves at McDs and continued chatting. Our topics covered almost everything but we mostly chatted about our school years, friends, career choice, the opposite sex mentality, religion.. fine, we chatted about everything. I even got so thirsty at one point that I regretted ordering the ice-cream sundae. -Throat hurts-

Interesting fact: Melly's only the 4th english speaking girl I've befriended in my entire life.

*CD scratches, glass broken, everyone gives Ben the look*

Ok first, Tawau wasn't so big on english speakers (you will be called lansi) more so the girls and secondly, there aren't many female undergrads to begin with in our UTM engineering faculty. So there, stop giving me the dissapointed look and start pitying me. Anyway, all in all, the day turned out great. Hey Melly, hope to do it again some other time!



How totally unjuicy.

I'm disappointed


Awwww... ben Ben goin on a date eh? The little guy has grown up right before our eyes... *pats head* *tears of happiness*

HAHAHAHA... I haven't had a blogger's meet before... I'm sure it was fun!


Aww, so sweet of you to elaborate just for me.

But where's all the steamy sessions??

Oh, must be reserved for ChengSim.

bubbly soda

Oi! WTH... You were stalking me ok. I didn't even look at you! ahhaha... Oh well, if i speak cina, you won't understand lar! Ish... nice meeting you btw. Skyler... why all of you so excited lar? steamy stuff is reserved for those who went. ;)

Wan Yean

wahalaooOo... some1 give yasmin whatever (the director of sepet & gubra) a call, tell her can make a romantic movie out of this and call it BELOGAR (bm for blogger).

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