Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kopitiam vs. Franchise Restaurants

While Melly and I were having our lunch at LJS, I accidentally spilled my glass of cola:

(LJS, kinda like KFC for fish)
Worker: *Stares at our table*
Ben: ...
Worker: SIGHS *Grabs the mop*
Ben: Sorry.
Worker: -Weak smile- *Mopping up the spill*

Whereas in kopitiams, if you were to spill your glass of teh ping:

Worker: *Hurrily gets down on his/her knees and cleans up the spill with a towel*
Boss: Faster, faster!
Ben: Sorry.
Boss: Oh nevermind, accidents happen. *gives a warm smile* Oi, worker! Faster clean it, people want to eat you know!

At least one of the above businesses still has the decency to treat us like real customers instead of just dumb patrons who are paying RM10 for their over-commercialised meals.



the diff is the kopitiam hires foreign workers while LJS workers are Msians!


kopitiam distinct at 1981

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