Thursday, July 06, 2006

If Only We All Had Twins

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a twin brother/sister? To have a special someone accompany you since birth through the storm and the calm of your life, the word 'lonely' would be practically non-existent. Having a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on 24/7, come on. I'd give anything to have a twin brother. No wait.. an IDENTICAL twin brother. And his name would be Dan. Ben & Dan, think of the cool stuff we could do together!

We could interchange our ICs:
Ben: Dan, I can't get into this club.
Dan: Why won't they let you in?
Ben: Apparently I'm still under-aged.
Dan: Use my IC, the bouncer won't notice a thing.
Ben: Genius! -looking at Dan's IC- Same face, same hair, same address and same... age...
Dan: Stupid says what.
Ben: What?

I wonder why I made my twin so mean. Anyway, there has got to be some other cool stuff we could do as twins. -thinking- Oh ya! Our relationships could last longer:

Dan: I'm bored with Tiffany.
Ben: I'll take her. I'm bored with Amanda too.
Dan: Gimme, gimme.

That actually isn't as cool as it sounds. So there really isn't any neat stuff I could do with my twin huh? *snaps finger* I know! It's in every male's biggest fantasy to get in bed with identical twins and WE would have the ultimate passport (considering Dan and I are already twins). I could see it now, making love to Sandy & Sarah:

(Scene cuts to a two-bed hotel room. Dan is doing Sandy on one bed, Ben and Sarah on another. Ben & Dan tries to outdo each other in the number of sexual positions performed)

Damn it, so not what I had in mind.



You're gross



cheng sim

whoa. sew jin! then u'll be sexually exhausted woh. not tired ar. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

yay! skyler is reading sewjin now. die lah. she will kutuk u man

bubbly soda

CS, we circulate hios photo in the net so that all the others will know that he is one freaky guy. *starts Photoshopping with words of awareness* Skyler, i'll pass you a copy!




Make up your mind ChengSim.
Yay! skyler is reading sewjin now.die lah...

"YAY" or "DIE LAH"?? So indesicive.

Faster faster publish his picture I wanna see :D

Wan Yean

ben, u're just so imaginative. too imaginative that you need no any identical twin to survive with, since your imaginative twin dan will accompany u rite.

faster get back 2 uni and start studying la. occupy that void mind of urs with something b4 u go goo-goo-ga-ga


Either you read too much kennysia or xiaxue.


lol you're so damn amusing!!


wanyean: I'm coming my love.

ken: kenny and xiaxue don't post very often alrdy. I'm taking over the show! Wahaha *cough* *choke* hahahaha!

jayelle: thanks a bunch jolene!

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