Friday, July 07, 2006

Let's Bully The Freshmen!

My 3 week semester break has finally come to an end and come tomorrow, it's sayonara KL and hello UTM. Goodbye to ASTRO, goodbye to decent food and of course, goodbye to air-conditioning. Actually it isn't all bad, I'm returning to UTM for the first time as a SOPHOMORE! Finally, it's our turn to carve our names on cricket bats and wallop (while branding) every freshy's behind with it!

Fine, it's not the 80s anymore, but we are still going to tear down and break apart every shred of self-esteem left inside each and every single shrivel-bodied freshy that comes to our sight.

(First day in the lecture room, an unfamiliar face enters)
Ben: Look guys, a freshy.
Kim: It's pounding time!

(3 of us rush to the door to 'greet' the freshy)

Freshy: Er.. hello..
Adrian: Hello there! -Slaps freshy's back-
Kim: Let me get that fly off your chest. -Smacks freshy's chest-
Freshy: (Looking pissed)
Ben: Don't you dare give us attitude young boy. We could so easily crush you when you're around OUR faculty!
Freshy: So I guess you leave me no choice but to crush you all in MY class before stepping out into the faculty.
Ben: *GASP*
Freshy Lecturer: The name's Professor Wong, welcome to my hell.

Damn those young-looking lecturers.

Who is Kim & Adrian? Look it up in The Characters post.



eh,u r mechanical rite?
what course you are huh?


My intake's in september.
*retreats to a corner*


huh. what a made up story. i dun believe a sissy like you could do it. fkin sissy.

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