Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I Am Tired Of Being Alone

I miss being in a relationship. Yes, I know what you guys would say:

The just-got-in-a-relationship: I am so lucky! No no no, I mean WE are so lucky!
The just-broke-up: What's wrong with you?! Why?! Why would you want to put yourself through that kind of hell?!
The never-been-in-a-relationship: (While holding PlayStation controller) Wait, let me complete this level.

Funny thing is, I kinda envy those who had never been in a relationship before. At least they had never felt so abundant one day and then so hollow the next. At least they had never been brought up so high up into the clouds and then forced right back down to earth. At least to them, loneliness won't feel so... lonely.

But then you can always count on your friends to lend them their support, be it your girl-friends:

June: Are you still single?
Ben: Yes, I am. Can recommend me some of your friends ah? Haha.
June: Cindy: 012-XXXXXXXX, Kelly: 016-XXXXXXXX, Bob: 019-XXXXXXXX.
Ben: I was kidding! ... Wait a minute, you have a girl-friend by the name of Bob?
June: Oops, too soon huh?
Ben: ...

or your guy-friends:

(Walks past a hot girl)
Ben: Woah, that chick is hot.
York: (Screaming) WHAT BENJAMIN SEW? YOU LIKE THAT *pointing* GIRL AH?
Ben: !!!

In both scenarios, I do have half the mind to grind myself a sharp knife, weld it onto a wall and run myself into it, repeatedly. ... It's in both scenarios too, that I realise I'm not really that alone after all.



I am ALONE too but constantly searching =P but's nice to be alone too, at least you can keep your wallet intact =P So enjoy the days of being ALONE =P


Well, being alone has its perks sometimes. But at a point you'll realize that you need a body, i mean a hand holding yours when you're driving, walking around the park etc. and someone to give your saliva-ful smooch.. ;P

The Angel

Hey there...
Well, I guess somehow it's something truth. Not only happen to you but other's as well...

Haha, anyway, how are you lately? Well, as for me, things is going all right...

@ My LIFE Story


dude appreciate ur single life while u still can la..
apparently guys think ALL girls are money-sucking-creatures.. -_-'''

u will find ur other half soon.. dun worry... either girl or guy.. u will get one.. =P

bubbly soda

hmmm... loneliness is an evil feeling. It gets to your heart and pull your arteries. Well... just try to focus on friends when you feel lonely. All the best to finding your other setengah!


i am ALONE too but not searching at all. i'm in a selfish phase of my life right now, and refuse to accomodate anyone else hanging on to me. it's a great feeling. loneliness isn't always sad. it's... it's... self-pampering. =P




After 6 comments (and a hug) telling me i should go enjoy my single life, i think maybe i should :)

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