Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Welding Scares Me No More

Welding. I almost peed in my pants when I heard what module we were having today. Wanyean's post contributed a little to my fear. Blinding lights and hot sparks flying all over your face while you're trying to join two metal pieces.

I don't want!

So I stayed up the whole night before trying to craft up a viable excuse to well, excuse myself from attending the welding module:

"Dear Technician,

Thank You"

But then I am a good boy at heart (an audience vomits). Er.. as I was saying, I just couldn't bring myself perform such an immoral act (an audience bleeds from his ears).

FINE, I didn't have the guts to do it! So after a brief demo by the technician, we started on our work. And after doing two or three trial welds, everything came natural to me! YES! I am the welding king! Forget dismantling car engines, this is definitely up there at the top in the "MANLY" category.

This is cool!


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