Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dr. House In The House (Oh.. Now I Get It)

The workshop module I've been waiting for so long, automotive engines! There's always something really manly about dismantling and putting together a car engine don't you think? I do.

And the last time I heard, women dig manly:
Ben: (Fixing engine)
Woman: *Seductively* Hey boy, have you been with a real woman lately?
Ben: *Deep voice* I'm sorry, my real love has always been engines.
Woman: (Pounces on Ben!)

The technician was less than helpful during the module. He mentally destroyed us at every mistake we made! A regular Dr. House sans the MD qualification:

(Victim 1 = Kim)
Kim: It's 86.6mm, sir.
Lecturer: What?!
(Lecturer measures again and gets 81.1mm)
Lecturer: Kim! You stupid idiot! You were wrong!
Kim: But it's a mistake..
Lecturer: What mistake?! You took the wrong measurement and it was off by 5mm! *Slaps Kim to the ground* *Starts kicking and stomping him repeatedly* *Spits*
Kim: Mommy!!!

(Victim 2 = Normie)
Lecturer: Hey you! Are you sure you fixed the cylinder rings correctly?!
Normie: Yeah I'm sure.
Lecturer: Take it out!
Normie: But we just fixed the head and it'll be troublesome..
Lecturer: TAKE IT OUT!
(Normie takes out the cylinder and finds that he fixed the rings wrongly)

Lecturer: Nandeska?! Anatawa bagayaro!!!
Normie: Huh?
Lecturer: So you don't know Japanese and you fixed the piston rings wrongly. Do you know how stupid you are?
Normie: But..
Lecturer: *Grabs Normie's balls and crushes it*

If you're wondering where I am in the picture, you can find me behind the lecturer's ass, kissing it. Self respect.. what?


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