Monday, May 22, 2006

Horror Movies & My Balls

I've never fancied horror movies. Especially during those scenes where the chick walks alone in a dark quiet ally. It's not the dark ally but the thought of what is going to happen next to that poor little girl that scares me half to death. Is a hand going to pop out from underneath and break her legs? Is it going to swoop down from above and rip her head off?

BAM!! The monster jumps out from the nearby dumpster and stabs her stomach while ripping out her intestines!! *Insert voice of Ben screaming like a little girl*

"Here's both your testicles, hope you enjoyed the movie."

Paying 8 bucks to get your balls handed back to you in a cup. Not exactly my ideal movie going experience.


bubbly soda

urmm seriously what's tht? I'm sure it's not your balls. oh btw, you found my blog! oh no... masquerading didn't work. grrr...

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