Monday, May 22, 2006

Naive (Personal)

I remembered back in my younger days, I would find being alone with myself maybe by the beach, on the top floor of a skyscraper, or in the middle of a football field (wide spaces, you get it) would be the most romantic thing to do. I could be doing anything you know, like counting the stars up in the sky, looking across the sea, playing with the sands in my feet, humming to my favourite sappy love songs. Then I would imagine someone out there also doing the same, counting the same stars with me, admiring the same ocean with me, also humming the same tune with me.

Then one day we would meet face to face in the most unlikeliest of places (a foreign city perhaps) on a cold rainy night where one of us would just happen to have an umbrella in their hands at that time. And with just an exchange of smiles, we would walk each other back and chatting as if we’ve known each other before in another lifetime.

Soulmates. I believed that each and every human being on earth has only ONE man/woman made for them. Hence, I believed that one can only fall in love ONCE in their lifetime.While some might take take the pro-active approach, some others would rather wait for love to find its way to them. It’s just nice to be assured that in this world we live in, two souls would eventually meet, fall in love and live happily ever after.

How naive I was back then…



Recycling old material now have we? ;)

Still, it's a timeless sentiment and one that has been the eternal perlude to the death of innocence.

At any rate, there's always Happy Hour


i thought making a joke only blog would be fun.. maybe adding a little personal touch here and there wouldn't hurt :)

bubbly soda

well sometimes believing in those naivety is really nice. The thing is reality is reality. Yeah, some people migt fall in love only once but how often is that? Perhaps there are many many types of love and to each it has different meaning and value...


I think the word you're looking for is lust


you know what the sad part is? I actually wrote this 6 months ago.. it's when i realise that love only works if you have a car, money and no distance separation. So much for unconditional love huh?

bubbly soda

hahaha you've gotto condition the unconditional love.

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