Saturday, May 20, 2006

Better Than Titanic Or Poseidon

Forget about "Poseidon" or "Titanic". The new blockbuster hit of the century, ladies and gentlemen I present to you:

A perfect mould of love, action, suspense and drama!

John: I love you Sally.
Sally: Oh John! (Kiss, kiss, smooch)
Sampan Driver: Oi, jangan bermaksiat! Nanti aku hentam guna pendayung ni baru lu orang tau. Duduk diam diam!

John: Oh no the sampan driver has gone insane. Run Sally! I shall fight him off!
Sally: (Looks around) Where do I run?
John: Just go! (Pushes Sally off the sampan)
John: It's just you and me now crazy sampan driver.
SD: Oi! Buat apa lu tolak bini mu ke dalam air?
John: Don't you dare come any closer! (Kicks the SD into the sea)

(Heavy rain starts pouring down)
Sally: Help! Help!
John: Sally give me your hand!
Sally: Oh no, a tidal wave!
John: Look in the waters, a shark!
Sally: *Gasp* There's a hole in the sampan!

John: Before we die I have to tell you something, I'm not a millionaire.
Sally: I have to tell you something too, I'm not a teacher. Heck I'm not even 20 years old or a virgin.
John: Gasp! Then who ARE you?
Sally: John, I am your mother.
John: But we... eeeewww... Nooooooooo!!!

I would SO watch that movie.





Shit, if the dickwads who wrote Titanic could make a hit then you should at least try your hand at it...

I know I'll be first in line. That is if you can get Ben Affleck to make a complete retard out of himself.

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