Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Get A Room Why Don't Ya?!

Today as usual, I went online at my cafeteria hostel. There was also a couple there who were doing more than just their assignments:

Girl: I don't think I can finish this assignment in time..
Guy: Don't worry, that's why I'm here baby.
Girl: Aaawww, how are you so sweet? *Rubs guy's hand*
Guy: My mum downed a barrel of sugar before she conceived me~ *Playfully pinches girl's nose*
Girl: *Giggles* I like it when you do that~
Guy: Come let's do this assignment together ok? Open your firefox~
Girl: Er... How do I do that?
Guy: That is so cute, you don't even know how to open a web browser?
Girl: Don't tease me, I shy oh~ *Playfully hits guy's shoulders*
Guy: Hihihihihihi~
Girl: Hahahahaha~
Guy: What the.. *SMASH!* *FAINTS*
Girl: Oh no please.. *SMASH!* *FAINTS*

Ben: ROOOOOOAAAAAAARRRR!! (Wielding the steel chair covered with blood violently around the room)

I'm single, I'm alone, and I have no prospect of getting into a relationship anytime soon. SO STOP RUBBING IT IN MY FACE! AAAAHHHH! (CONTINUES STRIKING BOTH THE CORPSES VIOLENTLY WITH THEIR LAPTOP!!!)



Yeah, another timeless sentiment nailed perfectly...

Be thankful in a sense, over here you'd actually see more of them pashing and making out in public. The Lonely Hearts Club should send me an award for showing incredible restraint in the face of adversity....


hahaha wow.. tat's nothing
my sis says she can have like free shows back in her Uni..

plus.. --- " I have no prospect of getting into a relationship anytime soon.. " u told me a different story d other day though..... changed ur mind?? hahaha >_<

Wan Yean

what the heck, i knew it sewjin confessed his feelings to you that day?! way to go bro! dont let those feelings kept hidden!


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