Friday, June 09, 2006

Pasar Malam, God's Greatest Gift

I was bored today. So I did what most of us would do on a Friday evening:

Pi Pasar Malam!

I have a tendency to overspend (who doesn't) when I go on a trip to the pasar malam. Since everything sold there are priced around RM1, you tend to buy something from each stall and end up spending RM20 at the end of the day. No wonder they have this pasar malam thing only once every week, if not Malaysians all pokai.

And it's so easy to shop here. No bargains, no government tax and no quality selections. Just pay the man and there's your food! Back to basics as they say. And this is the one place where your index finger comes to good use.

Accompanied by the word, "Satu", you're all set to go pasar malam-ing! Come, watch and learn.

Waaa, so much food!! *Ben's mucus sprays all over the air!*


bubbly soda

Pasar Malam is the ultimate shopping heaven! Love them all the time. Sometimes get free stuff from the sellars somemore... SYIOK!


free stuff? why never heard one?!

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