Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The 3rd Rudest City In The World (Day 7)

Went pasar malam-ing at 4pm yesterday. I know, the sun is still up so technically it's not really a pasar malam, more like a pasar petang but then who calls them that anyway? It's day-ism I tell you. Come on, up with the picket signs and the thousand men march! Wait a minute, why can't it be the thousand women march? It's sexism I tell you! ...

The sun was scorching hot and you can see it in everyone's sweaty faces that they just want to finish their shopping quick and get the day over with. As my mum and I were making our way from stall to stall through the crowd, suddenly, right in front of our eyes, two men bumped into each other (shoulder to shoulder) rather violently:

(After bumping into each other)
Man 1: I'm so sorry.
Man 2: No, it's okay. I didn't see where I was going.
Man 1: On the contrary, I was the one who didn't see where he was going.
Man 2: To make up for it, let me buy you dinner.
Man 1: Oh but you are too kind.
Both: ...

(Man 1 & 2 proceed to lock lips)

Since the release of the recent Reader's Digest Survey, you'd think that is how people here would actually start acting just to prove the survey wrong. But sadly enough, this was what actually happened:

(After bumping into each other)
Man 1: Poookaaaii! Didn't you see where you were going?
Man 2: Hey, you shut the fuck up! It was so obvious that YOU had to move aside!
Man 1: So it's my fault now, huh?!
Man 2: Your fault that you were blind AND stupid? Yeah it is!
Man 1: You dare?! Come on, right here! Right now!

(Stares each other down and then walks away)

Just like how New York came up
top on the list because, "Since 9/11, New Yorkers are more caring. They understand the shortness of life.", why can't this survey be like a wake up call to the KL-ites or to the Malaysians in general?



i read the first conversation and thought that was real....shieeets. You got me there, man..!! Really freaked me out!


lol, the 1st one sounds believable till the end...


haha, i honestly thought u guys would get the hint already right up till "on the contrary". thx for d comments :)


Both scenarios are scary man. You would have all of us as gays? ;-)

bubbly soda

hmmm... are you one of them? Maybe... *purposely bump sew jin on the shoulder*

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