Monday, June 26, 2006

Feeling Sorry For My Ass

It has already been a week since I've been here in KL and I honestly can't remember the last time I've ever done so much sitting down in a 7 day period before. I feel sorry for my butt, I really do:

(One day..)
Ben's Ass: *Gasps for air* Damn it, it's about time you got up from the couch! Oh great, you're gonna take a nap. You know you gotta start.. *muffled sound*

(An hour later)
BA: *Gasps for air* You're awake! You know what you need? Sports! Basketball, football, swimming, I don't care. ... And you're walking to the couch ... you're not listening to me, are you? *muffled sound*

(An hour later)
BA: *Gasps for air* Please *cough* no more... What is this? You're walking out the door! Hurraaahhh!!! *Shakes booty left to right* ... Oh no, no, anywhere but there!

(Toilet door slams!)

TV, nap, shit. Lather, rinse, repeat. Yep, that pretty much sums up my whole week here in KL. I guess I would be doing the same things if I were to spend my semester breaks in Tawau but you know la, all the hype about the hustling, bustling KL city life, spending the entire day shopping and clubbing the night away at Zouk's...

Can't help but feel left out of the whole scene, no?


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KL has much more things to offer other than just clubbing at Zouk.


Can give some examples? I dying to know. Heheh.

cheng sim going with Cheng Sim and Melly. MUAHAHAHAHAHA.
no lah, if go out with Jason Mumbles ar...he can show you the best place to eat. whereas for me, for sure ur stuck with Japanese food. none other than the great Zen at Pyramid.

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