Sunday, June 25, 2006

I Am Sepet

Here's a slightly exagerated scenario:

(Undergrads are all rowdy, lecturer walks in)

Lecturer: *SLAMS TABLE* Can't you see that your lecturer has entered?! You people don't even deserve being called undergrads! You all have no idea how lucky you are to be in this campus, no, even in this class! Now SIT DOWN!

(Undegrads quietly take their seats)

Lecturer: Now let's start off with today's lesson. *Notices my classmate sleeping* HEY YOU! Wake up!
Classmate: Huh? *Wipes drool of his face*
Lecturer: Does this lecture hall look anything like a bed to you?! What would your parents think if they saw you dozing off in class while they work their asses off to fund for your education?!

(Environment becomes tense. Ben pays more attention. Lecturer switches the lights off for a PowerPoint presentation.)

Lecturer: *Suddenly throws Ben a really mean look!*
Ben: ?
Lecturer: Right now at this very moment, YOU are officially the WORST human being in the world!
Ben: ??
Lecturer: It's not enough that I yelled at your classmate, now you?! *sigh* You know what, forget it. CLASS IS CANCELLED! *Walks off*
Ben: ???
The Whole Class: *Looks at Ben*
Ben: OMG! What?!

Apparently my small eyes and the fact that the lights were turned off made the lecturer think I was asleep. But I feel la, it's mostly the
light's fault. Yeah...


bubbly soda

wth... your lecturer is so weird! give him a magnifying glass so that he can see your eyes.


You are sepet bennie boy! Accept it, embrace it :)


Your lecturer had a failed sex attempt with his wife the night before izit? That was the joke we used to pull whenever our teacher comes into class with the "I'm gonna kill someone today" look.

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