Saturday, June 24, 2006

I Bribed Kenny Sia

If you still haven't known yet, last week, I shamelessly nominated myself to be in the running for the Best Malaysian Blog Awards (No. 75) and Best Asian Humour Blog (No. 12). Ok, now I go jump into a river of pirahnas.

Haiya why not right? The awards thing only happens once every year and plus this site could use some good publicity. As long as my blog appears on the voting page, a click or two would be guaranteed. So to kinda seal the deal on the whole matter, I've decided to rasuah our very own Malaysian judge, Kenny Sia.

My rasuah letter (Click Image To Enlarge)

I sent the mail smiling. "He Malaysian, he will sure accept one!", I thought to myself. Then 5 days letter, the man himself replied:

Kenny Sia's reply to my rasuah letter (Click Image To Enlarge)

Not only did he NOT accept my bribe, he had the nerve to call my bribe proposal CUTE! Cute?! Imagine if:

(Ben got pulled over for speeding)
Police: Aku dah mau tulis saman ni..
Ben: Ok, ok. (Inserts RM5 into a random pamphlet and hands it over to the policeman)
Police: Haha, "cute nya". Ok la, aku tak saman engkau.
Ben: ...

(Ben going for a promotion)
Reviewer: Ben, it looks like you're the most likely candidate for the position of VP.
Ben: Thank you sir.
Reviewer: I wonder how we could be really sure you'd get the job.. Hm..
Ben: -Understood- I've only got RM5 on me right now.
Reviewer: Haha, you're cute.
Ben: No, I can get more this afternoon.
Reviewer: Oh you misunderstand, I think you're real cute. Come over my house tonight and we'll talk. *Licks lips*
Ben: ...

Oi, anyone can give me lessons of bribbing ah?


cheng sim

easy lah. just go give Kenny the night of his life!
u won't just win the award, he'll blog about you and turn you into an overnight celebrity! just like Jasiminne!


finally! you spilled the beans!!


Yeee... Sewjin blogging about cute bribing... cute lar! *pinches face*


aaaaahhhh!!! *goes on a rampage!*

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