Friday, June 23, 2006

The Friend Who Got Neglected For Some Girl/Guy (Personal)

You know how it is, he/she could be your bestest best friend in the whole wide world. For the girls, you'd have those memorable slumber parties and for the guys, you'll always have those nostalgic alcohol parties. Both of which, you would share everything from intimate secrets to the most darkest fears. You two were inseperable!

Then in just a split second, *snap*, a pretty thing comes swooping down into the picture and flies off with your best mate. There you have it, the greatest story ever told. Then comes the million dollar question, who is to blame in this whole scenario?

Ayo so obvious. Of course it's the fella who walked off on his/her best friend la. He/she should be smart enough to divide time between the significant other and the friend ma! He/she shouldn't have left the friend high and dry for some fella he/she "loves".

For those who gave the above response, you obviously haven't been in a relationship before. See the thing about relationships is that we are instinctively self-taught that girlfriends/boyfriends should be more closer to you than a normal friend (or vice versa). So of course you would try to spend as much time as possible with your significant other and naturally start neglecting other forms of human contact.

"Wa you spend more time with me than your friends. I am so touched! Ok now you can touch me."

But when you both do start spending a huge amount of time together and have done all there is to do together, the monster called 'conflict' lurks its ugly head. "Duck! Here comes the consistent naggings and painful verbal assaults." Your life suddenly feels more like a teen drama series as a new argument seem to arise between you two every single week. THAT is when your best friend steps back in to offer his/her advice. And if all else fails and you're being dumped, THAT is when your best friend steps back in to pick you up from the gutter.

Let's look at this from the friend's perspective. If you can forgive your friend for leaving you and just offer to help him/her through his/her relationship or (i'm stressing this word, OR) after they break-up, you're only really choosing to strengthen your own relationship with your friend. So instead of turning your back on him/her, why not just be happy for them and always be willing to help?


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