Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Dad, The Pensioner

My dad is a pensioner. Being a civil pensioner is great here in Malaysia. See after you retire, you'll get 50% of your last monthly pay every single month till the day you kick the bucket. Unfortunately, my dad ISN'T one :( He has been in the private sector all his life and now that he is retired without any monthly income, he is finding any chance he gets to tembak us on our expenditures.

"No! You can't have a handphone!"
"Have to start eating bubur already!"
"Why do you need an mp3 player for?!"
"How are you spending RM1000 per month?! Budget!"

So imagine how he reacted when he saw this outside the balcony:

Dad: Since when do we have four mops?!
Mum: One for balcony, one for living room, one for our room, another as a spare.
Dad: Why do we need four mops for four different areas? You think mop no need money one ah?!
Mum: Oh ya, why leh? *Scratches head*
Dad: *&^%$#*&@

I better graduate and start earning some income for this family quick before my mom buys herself four washing machines and gives my dad a stroke.


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