Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Driving Around Kay Elle

I've been doing some driving with my Dad around the PJ area yesterday to fetch my sister to school and to run some errands in an effort to familiarise myself with the KL roads. The only thing I got familiar with was this conversation:

Ben: Where is this place?
Dad: What?! You just came off this road 2 minutes ago!


Come on la, I'm a small town boy who is so used to driving in 2 lane roads which are rarely congested and not filled with motorcyclists swerving in and round traffic. Driving around was easy and less stressful. Over here, sudahlah got 4 lanes and always congested, dunno why must got so many roundabouts, bridges, flyovers, exits, tolls, waaaa! It's so easy to get lost here!

Driving around here would be so much easier with a radar or somekind, you know like this:

Gotta love them video games

Anyway, I must persevere. I am going to move around like those crazy KL taxi drivers by the end of this week! Watch me :)



Just one glance at KL roads....Scary! I don't think I will ever drive there....hahahaha!

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