Thursday, July 13, 2006

Reality, The Source of Nostalgia

Today my friends and I were chatting about how we miss high school life so much. Each of us tried to up each other on the most 'bad-ass' thing they've ever done when they were in their teenage years:

(Indentities protected, except mine)
Friend 1: Last time my group of friends would go around shopping centres and shop lift. Everything from staplers to electronic gadgets. Ok fine, not too proud of what we did but we've never felt more alive doing what we did.
Friend 2: I was a prefect last time. I once asked a student to get in line with the others but he refused, he even insulted me. So I picked up a wooden chair and smashed his back, breaking the chairs into pieces. I got suspended for a week but I never once regretted doing it.
Friend 3: Form 1-3 I never studied at all. I spent most of my time getting into gang fights. Steel pipes, chairs, and motorcycle helmets; My fondest memory yet!
Ben: I got a C for maths when I was in Form 2.
Others: ...
Ben: And then my maths paper came alive! And it growled at me -makes growling noise- It immediately jumped on my face and bit my nose off, I underwent critical surgery for that!
Others: ...
Ben: Childhood for sale. Anyone?

Fine. During my school years, I was a geek who thought getting anything less than an A would ruin his life forever so the only interesting story he could tell would be how quickly he could wrap his all of his textbooks (2 mins/textbook). But still, everything was so simple back then. No worries about what to eat, when to do the laundry, how to pay the fees; JUST STUDY. Unlike now of course.

Maybe it's normal to be constantly looking back on the years of mischief and innocence when the harsh reality called 'adulthood' approaches you like a speeding train. Fresh graduates and lecturers alike are telling, no, practically begging us to enjoy our university life as if to make up for THEIR lost time. Even those who played their butts off during university days and scored badly are telling us they didn't enjoy enough.

And here I am so eager to finish my uni years as soon as possible.



haha, i was a good student in school too.

lurve wrapping books..

bubbly soda

you don't seem to be keeping that "good student" image anymore! ahahahh


college was the best to me till now... okay maybe the last few weeks of Uni when everyone had finish their exams was alright too... but college still rocks!


It's really contradictary how quite a number of universities offer various incentives and events for students to "live it up" but on the other hand pile up massive amounts of workloads on our back with deadlines to beat and expect us to "balance/work it out"

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