Saturday, July 15, 2006

It's Just A Book, Not A Passport!

Went to the faculty's main resource centre today to get some modules (simplified version of textbooks) recommended by our lecturers. When we got inside the office and asked for them, the person at the counter told us in a very arrogant tone, "Kamu pergi tengok notis kat luar, baru kamu balik dalam sini!". Somehow, I thought I saw a steel rod stuck between his jaws. That's probably how high it got shoved up from his ass.

Anyway, this was the notice:

Kepada pelajar yang ingin membeli module;
1. Pejabat hanya dibuka pada jam 1-2pm dan 5-6pm SAHAJA.
2. Pejabat hanya dibuka pada hari Isnin hingga Khamis SAHAJA.
3. Isnin dan Selasa hanya untuk lelaki dan Rabu dan Khamis hanya untuk perempuan.
4. Jika tutup, sila jumpa Pn. XXXX atau En. XXXX (No contacts given)
5. Isnin hanya untuk Melayu, Selasa hanya untuk Cina, Rabu hanya untuk India dan Khamis hanya untuk Orang Asli.
6. Pelajar dikehendaki memakai baju berkolar pada hari Isnin, baju-t pada hari Selasa, baju sukan pada hari Rabu dan berbogel pada hari Khamis.

Now guess which rule I made up. Sadly enough, this semi-exaggerated notice doesn't seem exaggerated at all right down to the 'bogel' part. The offices here have introduced us with SO MANY silly dress codes and random break times that it doesn't come as a suprise how absurd some of rules are.

Like who actually deals with the office staff these days, right? Introduce more rules la! We can always resort to other means like going backdoor (lecturer's help) and forgery (photostating from other sources). Note that I'm just talking about obtaining a RM6 book! Imagine applying for passports or getting government approvals, oh wait, we do the same too.

Yes-sir-ee. We are trained to forget about following procedure and instead find 101 quicker ways to go about it. *sigh* In case you're still wondering, I made rule 3, 5 and 6 up.


bubbly soda

WAH LAU... They are the defination of BODOH! They really keep up qwith te BOLEH spirit, man...


haha, i tot they are really being racist for rule no. 3

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