Saturday, July 15, 2006

Why I Switched From Football To Basketball

I'm going to try out for my hostel's basketball team next Wednesday. Somehow, I don't think it is a very good idea. I know I have a very slim chance of making it into the team (height is everything in basketball) plus I had an awkward experience when I got rejected from my local football team back in Tawau:

(On the phone, I had the sniffles at the time)
Coach: Hello, may I speak to Ben?
Ben: Speaking.
Coach: This is your coach. I'm calling to tell you that didn't make the team.
Ben: Oh well, thanks anyway for giving me the opportunity to try out *sniff*
Coach: Ben, you don't have to feel bad about it.
Ben: Oh no no sir, I'm just down with the flu. *sniff*
Coach: You were on par with the other defenders who tried out. It's just that they've got more to offer to team you see.
Ben: Oh *sniff* *sniff* (oh gawd, my mucus is leaking out!)
Coach: [Sympathetic tone] Don't worry Ben, you can always try out for our team again next year. I'm sure you will improve a lot by then. Cheer up.
Ben: Sir I'm fine, really. *sniff* Mummy! Help me find my hankerchief, I cannot tahan already! *sniff*
Coach: You stay strong there! -Click-

I went to school the next day with all my teammates looking at me funny and trying hard to comfort me of the fact that I didn't make it into the team. Aaaah!! My ex-coach told them! I bet I became the team's inside joke too:

(Prepping before a match)
Coach: Come on team, let's destroy the opposition!
Player: We'll attack their goalpost till they start crying like Ben!
Coach: YES! Let's make them weep like Ben the Crybaby!

(Team goes on to win 8-0)

And that ladies and gentlemen, is why I switched to basketball at 16. Let's just hope I don't have to switch sports again next Wednesday.

The latest post by my baby sister. She blogs a lot like me don't you think?



hahahha really one or not..or you exaggerate again!


real one la! next time must put "this post is (not) exaggerated" big big at the bottom of all my posts.


basketball. good choice. no broken legs. no nipple nibbles. no headbuts. just broken teeth. hehehe...

how tall are you?


i am 167cm. Don't you dare laugh.


If you think height is an issue back there, try making the team here. Excluding the fact that the try-outs are dominated by state, former high-school and private team players, you'd be hustling for rebounds with cads who are at least at the 6 feet mark. The good players usually lump together to dominate rotational pick-up games.

And people still ask me why I rarely turn up to the uni courts...

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